My Brother and My Very Beautiful Sister-in-Law —- Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dan and Cloudy have several lakes on their property.  While out checking on everything they came across a heart—just for me.


Thank you so much, Dan and Cloudy!

A perfect winter heart!

From my heart to your world,


Winter’s Vibrations and Energy — Tuesday, February 22, 2022


And there, right there, the blowing wind picked up a leaf; as if to say, this is a precious note in the song of Winter.

From my world to your heart,





The FIRST of the Season—–Sunday, February 23, 2020

All the way from Kate Chiconia in Australia 

“Hi there
We’re still getting lots of rain, and I try and take the dog out for his walk between downpours. Here you can see a lovely shallow rainbow that greeted us at 7am the other day. Enjoy!

There is was in the cloud hidden sky a beautiful halo of light.

Floating, just there, filling the sky with its delicate fluttering colors!

Thank you, Kate!

My first rainbow of 2020!

(I apologize for pushing the button for this to be published on Saturday. I got very excited about the rainbows and wanted to get them UP for early Sunday delivery and pushed send on Saturday. 

I also have been confused with my days, since we went to the grandkids’ basketball game on Thursday, which made my weekend become messed up.  Friday felt like Saturday, Saturday felt like Sunday…old age I suppose.

Anyway, I try to always keep my blog current and active with the days of the week and my life.  Please accept my apologies for posting this on Saturday and again today.)

As always—
From my world to your heart,



Two More Weeks—Wednesday, February 22, 2017

pinto-bean-fieldTwo more weeks the cows will be here.

the-upper-end(They love the grass at the Upper End)

up-on-the-sage-brush-hillAnd hanging out on Sage Brush Hill (where the pack of wild dogs were living, but are gone now.)
upper-endThen it will be time to start the tractor work.  Until that time I hope you don’t get tired of my photos of darling little calves and Momma’s.

Our place is the nursery for the first year momma’s, the second time momma’s, and sometimes a third year Momma.  After that I’m not sure which field they go too.  We can see some of his cows from our farm, but how he sorts them I don’t know.

storm-001The weather people say a cold front is heading into our area tonight with possibility of snow again.  I guess we will see.

cloudsYesterday was just beautiful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Another Sign of Spring—Monday, February 22, 2016

On Thursday, of last week we had wind, clouds and scattered showers.  The wind was a mess…it picked up the garbage cans and flung them here and there and everywhere.

It knocked off some tiles on the chicken roof, which I spent Saturday fixing. The wind was a mess!  Well, actually the wind created a mess. (It also dried out more of the mud! 🙂 So it was also a blessing! )


along with the wind came rain showers

Sorta-rainbowAnd with the showers a very, very, faint rainbow.  Terry said it is so light it really doesn’t count…But I counted it!  I saw it! It was bright enough my eye could see it and the camera caught it’s faint colors.  So that counts!

A Rainbow!  We are moving forward!


Your friend,