The Lights (Gifts) of Friends—Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Every day and in every way we are given gifts from friends and strangers.

Some timesI receive a comment left on my blog or on my FaceBook Page or a personal email; other times a fun little package arrives in the mail bringing heart felt joy to my walk down the long lane to and from the mail box.

Other times is a simple sharing of someone else’s celebration of happiness…you know those quick little drive-by moments when your soul responds to a strangers boundless joy.  A tiny spark attaching itself to you, making the rest of your day warm and lovely.

Karen Bringol's photo

(Karen Bringol’s photo she posted to my Facebook)

Yesterday my blog comments, my FaceBook post and my email were full of wishes..Thank you so much! You do warm my soul!

Wall-HangingThen Jan from the Poodle and Dog Blog brightened my walk back home from the mail box with a beautiful handmade wall hanging.  My steps were light enough to carry me over the mud in pixie dust fashion.

Lights-2That evening Terry and I took a short drive around our small town of 9,000 people looking at the Christmas lights

Lights-1Cheerful gifts from strangers, for anyone who wished to enjoy!

Frosted-Cherries-2I am done with all my baking, cooking, planning, and gift wrapping.  Today I clean.

Thank you, my friends, each one of you are a gift!

Your friend,




Gifts—Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Corn-and-Sun-1We are all blessed, each and every one of us.  But sometimes…just sometimes life gets in the way.

Fall-1Something that takes us away from looking at the good–something that makes our hearts and minds roil in panic or sadness.

Crazy-MoonStill the gifts of this world keep on shining…

MovingTelling us to be calm.  Given time everything works out.


As my dear departed Momma always said: “Everything works out for the best, if you just let it.”


And it does.  It really does.

Your friend,