The Adventures of Boomer on Friday….Looking for Green

Mom and I decided with all this rain there Should be green out there, somewhere…surely!

So off we went to find the green.

Mindy went with us

We found green here

And there

Black Beauty also helped us look

Green was a little hard to find.

Back in the house, Mom said:  “Hold Still, Boomer.”  So I did.

Then Mom said: “Now THAT is green!”

Happy Wearing of the Green Day!

Mom, Boomer, and Mindy

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — March, 30, 2012

We finally made it through March, well almost made it; we are at the end anyway, just one more day to go.

Mom thought we ought to hop onto the four-wheeler and ride over to see how the fire-burned area is doing.

Most of it is still burned.  Nothing really green there yet, but when we got to the hill pasture WOW little sprigs of green showing up everywhere.

Mom said she is not surprised about that since the hill pasture is a mixture of grasses; the fire there just took off the dead.  (It also jumped the road and ran through the corn field toward the house, and it also jumped into the alfalfa filed that burned right up to Mom-mom and her family’s barns.  But I didn’t remind Mom of that, she was still a little sad to see the whole mess.)

We then headed on down to the back forty,and then over to the west field, then the upper end.

Still pretty black!

When we got to the south end Boomer got off and hiked around a bit

while Mom wrote down the fence post count in a little book she was keeping for the insurance guy.

Mom told us dogs that Dad wanted to NOT have to build fences anymore and look at what he has to do now—the whole west side of the place, the ditch company took out the whole north side and the whole east side.  He will have lots and lots of fences to fix now.  Although, there is a possibility that maybe the west side will be fixed with help.

The Ditch Company will probably NOT do the work on the north and east side so Dad and Mom will get to do those fences.

Building fences are not easy, it isn’t stringing the wire that is hard, and it’s digging the fence post.

Of course, us dogs get to go help.  We really enjoy helping out there, we really do!

Almost back home I wanted off.  Boomer found some deer tracks and bayed at me to “come smell.”

So Mom helped me off.

We sniffed around for some time.  Mom got tired of waiting and went back in.  I came back after I checked out all the news out there.