To See When One isn’t Looking —- Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I like to stand outside and hear the wind speak

Although, I even like to stand outside on the ditch bank and look at the sun

Or stare at the sun when he isn’t looking at me

I enjoy the immensity of the air, the liquidness of the moisture turned into fluff

I like to see the earth when it green and so full of life

Or the joy of all living things as they move throughout the day

I always feel that the gift of more time

Here on the face of the earth—

Is such an amazing present.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Old Magic —-Tuesday, December 12, 2018

What is Old Magic, someone might ask

To me, it is the song of the Earth—-the song the Earth always sings every moment of each and every second of our lives…the Song of Beginning

The song of NEW, the song of Pure and total Joy!

It’s a Bold song, truly!

But one that all animals living on the earth can feel.

Even us…if we care to listen.

It’s always present, sweet, undulating


An echo of a continuing prayer

Everything is all part of that space between breaths—which make up this lifetime I call Gathering.

From my world to your heart,







HI HO—Tuesday, March 15 (the Ides of March), 2016

Today is the Ides of March…the Ides of March the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting led by Brutus and Cassius.  A seer had warned that hime harm would come to Caesar no later than the Ides of March (See Wikipedia).

For me it also seems to be a date when the weather starts to shift.   Yesterday we had lots of wind! Huge stiff wind gusts.  But today…it’s cold and beautiful.

A update on the farming—

Hay-FieldThe old alfalfa field is ready to mark out and plant.  It will be corn this coming year

LevelingTerry finished leveling that field around four yesterday afternoon. Leveling is the last step of soil preparation…

first is disking

then either plowing or ripping depending on the soil and what was grown in that field last year.

Then leveling.

After leveling will be marking, irrigation and then planting.

Tuesday's-WorkOne field down!

The conversation every evening goes like this:  “I sure am tired.  I don’t know WHY I wanted to farm again.”

“Well, goodness! Anyone would be tired after eight hours on a tractor.”

“I guess.” he replies…”but I don’t think of hours, I think of acres.”

“Okay…anyone would be tired after acres and acres and acres on a tractor.”


Then morning comes——

Ripping(Ripping up the old pinto bean field early, early this morning.)

R“Well the sun is poking his head up, ♪♫♫♪ guess I’ll head on out.  Nothing like a fresh day to get some work done. ♪♫❤♪♫❤  The dirt is calling me!”

Then with a smile and wave he’s out the door, fueling up the tractor and leaving the farm yard in a little puff of dirt.

From our western Colorado farm •❥*◝◟¸* to you!

Linda ❤(smiles)



A Mixed Blessing—Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It’s snowing here again.  A mixed blessing of sorts.  Storm(This is an old photo…from three weeks ago.)

The snow has warmed up the air a tad.  Always good.


The gray light across the landscape has lifted the world from night shadows into a soft filter of sun.


The dying night  speaks volumes of what our frozen landscape is made up of—

View-3Vast fields of white and, of course, last years [still] standing corn.

A quote says it all….  “there’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on.  It makes you believe you are special”.—Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I’m Home. 

So we move forward, you and I…day five of the year 2016. Searching for those little bits of joy that fill our lives with happiness.

Your friend,



Sunshine in my World Today—Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring-yard-1I’m gradually, gradually, gradually making headway in my yard.  As for my house–well, it’s clean and picked-up, that about it.  The other house–my time waster— is starting to get there. I have the bedroom just about finished painting-I should finish tomorrow. The lawn is mowed and raked down there and all the bushes raked and pruned ready for spring.

Dust The new renters move in on Sunday. (Ask me if I’m excited or what!)  The man and woman came over yesterday to make arrangements to move in on Sunday.  I can SEE THE LIGHT!

More-AhToday Terry starts planting corn.  I will plant sweet corn at some point down one side of one of the fields.  I had one row last year, but that was a huge field.   This year some of the corn will be in front of the house, which is only 5 acres. I think I will plant two rows of sweet corn, next to the side which is next to canal—I’m looking for ease of picking.

Sun12I am so excited about the renters finally getting here, you just don’t understand how excited.  The work load, of just maintaining that place, and this place, plus every day living has been over-whelming.  Soon!  Very Soon! I can move from maintaining into ‘getting-my-stuff-that-has-been-hanging-over-my-head’ DONE!  ♬♬♬   YAY!

Joy, Joy, Joy

Your Friend,





The Poetry of Life–Thursday, August 14, 2014

We received a call from our daughter in Grand Junction, Colorado and her husband asking if we would like a small break to go on a Four-Wheeler ride on Grand Mesa. (Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world)

Would we!!!?

Packing a lunch, our jackets, and my camera (of course 🙂 ) we were ready to go.

It wasn’t long before they arrived pulling a trailer which would fit three four-wheelers and the extra four-wheeler in the back of his pick-up truck!

WHEEE!  We were off!

Up-1Grand Mesa is a special place to me.  My brother and I grew up in Eckert, Colorado. Close to the base of Grand Mesa.  Many a time our parents and grandparents would ”head up the mountain’ for a day, or a couple of days and nights, or more.

PathSummers always included times on Grand Mesa.

OnwardToday there are many, many more people on this huge flat top mountain than when we were growing up.  But having more people enjoying ‘the mesa’ brings with it other things than just crowds.  It brings groups of people who band together to create trails for backwoods enthusiasts; off road vehicles, hikers, and fishermen. The winter has cross-country skiers and snow machiners testing their skills.

Rezacks(Cliff and Kimberly Rezak)

We ate lunch at Trickle Park Reservoir, after which we headed back to every day life.


My goofy husband!

Joy can be sparked by the most simple of delights, don’t you agree?

A day off from the ‘every day of life’ is just so —- well, refreshing.  Life isn’t about mastering everything in it…Life is an adventure.  Some days you just have to experience something vastly different from the ordinary, for the ordinary to be more than just idling along.

Here is my wish for you today—I wish that each one of you can experience that feeling of the wind in your hair, music blasting on the radio, you singing along at the top of your voice–not caring if you are in tune —just feeling the music, the wind and the simple delight of being alive!

Or anything that is slightly different for your regular day.  Something that lifts you right into that other place of refreshment and a feeling of great pleasure and happiness!

Your friend,