Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We are having 20% chance of rain right now…which is rather nice actually.  It isn’t raining here (right here on the farm), but it is raining around us in the mountains.  We get to watch the clouds play across the sky then settle down on one of the hillsides and let down a little thirst quenching shower.  What it brings to us is the cooling of the day…we’ve been hitting anywhere from 90* to 100*.

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I have been looking for rainbows, but there aren’t many yet.  I keep looking; they are bound to appear since there IS rain around.



Second Cutting of Hay

We are hauling the little field now.  Up before dawn and out in the field by 5:30.  Get the water set and start on the hay.  By 7 it’s already hot and the bugs are biting. 

If the weather holds, (it’s suppose to bring in more thunderstorms today at noon), the largest field of hay should be ready to bale tomorrow morning.  We hope tomorrow morning, if not then Wednesday.  Everything is a race against the weather. 

At least it is hot drying weather (100+*) and if the thunderstorms stay in the mountains everyone who is doing hay will get done fast.  Hot weather helps the alfalfa dry into hay.


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