Baby It’s Cold Outside—-Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Well, we fell to -11* f (-23c) this morning and warmed up to -5* f (-20c) when I came up here to write to you.

Although the weather people are promising we will be MUCH warmer than yesterday zooming up to 28* (-2c) for at least a short spell this afternoon.

So here we are at the start of a new year, snow on the ground and in the mountains (where we really, really need it) and sunshine today

We are in one of those ‘between places’

Where it seems the world has stopped for a spell…neither one thing or another thing

Allowing us to walk in a cloud of cold so harsh your nose sticks together, yet so stunningly beautiful you want to be outside and enjoy everything.

And for some reason…only the crows know…they have taken to gather in huge flocks called a Murder of Crows…

Which are actually rather neat to see and hear

Stay warm my friends and enjoy the day!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


There in the Midst—Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring-Storm-1Boomer and I took a walk-about yesterday, even though the wind was blowing sharp with a face stinging cold.

As I dropped down over the hills of the Upper End I stopped in wonder.

Dropping down to a sitting position, backing myself up to a crop of Chico and rabbit brush, I held my breath… the sight was a gift to behold.

The wind stirred the brush, and rustled the cattails in the marsh behind me, above me a Murder of crows passed their shrill cries loud, but part of the whole.

WaitingEven though the wind whined around me, flipping dust and little particles of debris on to my face and clothes, it was hard to leave. The clouds continued to thicken overhead, the spring storm I watched gather on the Uncompahgre Plateau, then move into the Rubidoux Canyon, was making it’s way toward Boomer and I.

Hunting-EagleStill I stayed.  Boomer was somewhere over on the Sage Brush Hill, I could see him moving through the brush and weeds nose to the ground.

What sunlight we had was quickly darkening from all the heavy clouds boiling up from the Roubidoux Canyon, and spreading rapidly across my part of the sky.

Boomer and I were going to get drenched if I didn’t start moving soon!


Still I sat— until large wet, almost snow,— drops began to plummet from the clouds. Calling out to Boomer I picked myself up.  Stowed my camera in my pocket.  Raised my hand toward the Eagle and called, “THANK YOU! You Made my day!”

storm.jpgRushing back home, Boomer and I…we both sorta ran, walked, ran, panted a lot …arriving before we were totally drenched.

Wet, but not too bad.

Just watching the huge spring storm washing it’s way toward us, then being gifted with the sight of that magnificent bird— lifted my heart!  What a wonder to be so close to the wilderness, to be able to share in a small moment of time.

With love from my heart to your world,