The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Mom, Dad, Mindy and I

Are so over winter!!

Really, we are!

Just say’n.

Grump, grump


P.S. Mom says I just need to think of this a Spring weather!

Really !?!?!?!?

Nature’s Bling —- April 30, 2014

The wind is still with us…a very sharp wind, blowing across the snow freshly dumped in the mountains all around us.

We are COLD.  In my yard the asparagus has froze, the lilac buds have turned brown and dried on the stem, the fruit trees crisp white blooms are now a brown yucky color.  Out on the farm everything is still okay…the alfalfa is  cold but green, growing slowly, but still alive.  We are still irrigating, nothing has been planted so we have no worries in that department.

Rain-chutRain and snow occurred off and on all day

Rain-shootThe wind pushing storm clouds from the west toward us, then onto the east

Sun-in-the-RoubioucAt different points the sun shined into the Roubidoux Canyon allowing us to see the geological formations just four miles from our farm.


The tri-colored Red-winged Blackbirds helped us while we changed water, searching for yummy things in the soil.

Waiting-in-the-setA hawk looking for super also, watched us while we changed the water, swaying gently in the wind on his tiny branch in the tree.  The tree is still waiting for warmth so it can leaf out…waiting, just like us.

Rain-bow-and-pipeSuddenly a rainbow lite up an culvert a neighbor has ready to insert across an arroyo on his land!

BlingWe worked on the water until dark, but even the dark offered Bling in the most spectacular of ways!

The Bling of Nature…really, who could ask for more?  Not I.  I am most comfortable here, on the land…really Terry and I try hard to one with the land and all that shares it with us!

Your farming friend,