The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Five

I left Mom busy inside and Dad doing something or other around or in his shop and headed up to the Upper End.  There was stuff up there I wanted to sniff out—Spring is in the air and things are stir’n up there.


Making my way up the road, past Romeo the horse, a quick glance over by the corrals to make sure Lady the mule was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way I trotted my little self on down the farm road to the Upper End.

(I must watch out for Lady.  She is a watch mule…we haven’t had any trouble with coyotes coming into the yard since Romeo and Lady have had the run of the farm.

Lady the mule sees anything bordering on the word predator and she is there with teeth and feet to stomp the heck out of them.

Now, since I am a dog Lady will take after dogs on her farm just a fast as she does coyotes and fox…)

On I go; trotting past all the Sand hill Cranes,

who have taken to living on the farm…much to Mom and Dad’s joy.

I’ll bet there are thousands of them.

Well, at least hundreds, they love pecking up the corn the cows didn’t get AND squishing around in the little creek at the Upper End.

Then past the last years pinto bean field until I got to the Upper End.


My goodness!

I have never seen so many crows in one spot before EVER!

Especially on the farm!

Especially at the Upper End!

Hundreds of them!

All hanging out fluttering and flapping all over the place. I guess they must like the creek up there also?

(This is last year’s photo.  These cows are not here this year 😦 )

As for me…I think I’ll take a little detour around the crows…they can be right aggressive…Mom, Dad and I have seen them try to attack baby calves’ eyes.  They really enjoy pecking out and eating baby calves’ eyes.

I don’t particularly want to find out if they like big, brown beagle eyes.

I slunk my warm, lovable beagle body down to the ground, hugging the ground as close as I can; making my way past the Upper End, past the little creek, around the corner where I stopped to start checking out all the spring smells on the ground and in the air.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Shhhh I Have a Secret to Tell You

“Hey, Romeo!  Come quickly!”  Lady brayed!

“Okay…what’s up?”  Romeo put himself in to ‘trot’ gear and headed toward Lady the mule.

“OH, Mom, Dad, and the Beagle are coming up with treats for us!”  Romeo replied. “You stay there, Lady and I’ll go meet them.”

“Yumm apples!”  Lady woofed hers down.

“Yuck!” Romeo replied.  “I only like carrots”

“Hey, Boomer….whisper, whisper, whisper…the next time you come up with the folks, tell you Mom to bring CARROTS!”

“Okay, Romeo…but if you will just go over to where Mom is standing you will see she does have carrots…Just for you”.

“OH!  I guess she does!”

Silly horse!





Hair Blowing in the Wind—-Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The other day we had wind!   So much so Romeo didn’t think much of having his mane tossed and ruffled.  It was sorta funny to see him close his eyes and try to endure.

Lady’s mane doesn’t flap about! 🙂  So she didn’t care.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Two


Well, darn!  Everything is drying up: the ground, the weeds (they are supposed to, but still, the air and most of all the COW PIES!  Darn it!

You see once the cow pies dry up they are NASTY to eat—like eating sawdust right off one of the logs Dad cuts up for firewood.

PHOOEY!  Spit, hack, and cough!!!

Mom says GOOD! Dad just laughs.  And here is a little secret…even if it were to rain and snow the cow pies will never be good to snack on again.

Pout, pout.

So with the cow pies dried up there really hasn’t been much for me to do—I hang out Mom getting fire wood, out in the shop with Mom and Dad, and go for a couple of walks a day on the farm with Mom.

Mom likes to go for walks.  I like to go with Mom…I keep her safe.  Well, really I keep her company.

We like to walk together, Mom and me.  Sometimes Mindy goes with us, but sometimes not.  Mom likes it both ways, but if Mindy goes we only go ¼ of a mile, if she doesn’t go we go a mile or better…all is good if you ask me.

So off we went.  Mindy was in the house curled up on the sofa next to the wood burning stove, Dad was in town doing something he calls business, which left Mom and me to go for a LONG walk!


I stayed with Mom a long time…sniffing here and there, we ran into the equines—Mom gave Lady the Mule an apple she cut up and Romeo the Paint Horse  two carrots.  Romeo does NOT like apples.  Lady likes apples and carrots, but Mom tries to be fair and give the apple to Lady and the carrots to Romeo so they both feel special.

Then we moved on down the field leaving the equines behind munching on weeds, corn stalks and stuff.

Suddenly I caught a whiff of———————-

I was off…leaving Mom in the dust. I jumped over the now empty canal and raced into the weeds on the opposite side

I looked back once saw Mom was turning around and never gave Mom a thought again.

Running with all my muscles in super-fast mode I peeled down the canal bank in hot pursuit of


Kit yipped a couple of barks at me then took off even faster

The RACE was on!

Streaming through the weeds and grasses as fast as my beagle legs could carry me I hurried to catchup with Kit!

Then we were on the road heading back TOWARD Mom whom I noticed had made it back down to the farm equipment storage area.

I saw Mom slide over behind the spare-parts combine and just stand there.

About that time Kit was zooming faster than the speed of light heading right toward where Mom was hiding.  I put on my brakes

SCREEECH!!!!!!!!  Sat down with my tail wagging, thinking this was going to be good, Kit was going to run RIGHT by Mom.

I wondered if they were going to scare each other.

I sat there waiting, watching…Kit kept on running…Mom stayed right where she was not moving a muscle…then Kit was by and

Nobody scared anybody.

Oh, well.  It was a good race.  I bayed at Kit: “YOU WIN!!”

Way on up the field by the new culvert Kit finally stopped and yipped back, “I’ll stop and talk next…if your human isn’t there.”

Then he was gone, vanishing into the drain ditch and out of sight.

I howled back—“SOUNDS GOOD!”

Then Mom was there giving me hugs and pats… “Wow, Boomer!  That was cool.”  I don’t always get to see the fox.  Thank you for scaring him up for me.”

Well…I didn’t really scare him up, Kit only let us see him because he wanted us to see him.  How do you tell a human something like that?  So I gave Mom a kiss on the cheek, plus a big goofy grin.

“Let’s go in, Boomie”, Mom said.  She had a huge smile on her face.

My tail wagged just as happily as Mom’s face smiled.




Meet the Latest Equine to Join the Family—-Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lady is a very pretty and extremely smart mule

She has been abused, but now in a good place. Lady and Romeo like each other, which is a goo thing.  And Lady likes doing things with Romeo.  If she gets to far from him she gets very nervous.

Shannon is wonderful about gaining abused animals trust.  In time Romeo and Lady will go hiking and camping.

Lady lets Terry and I pet her and brush her.  This coming week she will get her feet trimmed (they are terrible shape)

And after a long patient time—Shannon will ride Lady.  Eventually, Lady and Romeo and Shannon and Jason will go camping in the mountains….

Until then it’s lots of pets, brushings, walks, and carrots!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,