It Froze Early Monday Morning — Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It’s the third time we had a killing frost

From this point on the temperatures will keep sliding down, down, down

I won’t show you the broken and blacked stalks of once beautiful

And lushly green things

Only those objects, which make up the beauty of Autumn

Although, I feel like this is a time when the earth is taking a deep breath

Busily gathering all its energy unto itself


but obviously,

pulling everything inward

Singing to us

A beautiful, haunting good-bye


As the days go by.

From my world to your heart,






Just for Fun

Just for a bit of fun or in the interest of the moment I thought I would tour you of the parts of the farm I talk about — The Back Forty and the Upper End.

This is the head gate…you’ve been here many a’time with me, but I’m going to start here…where the lifeblood of the land (the irrigation water) starts

At-theThose are two alfalfa fields on either side of the irrigation road.  They are not our fields but our neighbor’s.

HeadgateTo get to the head gate we go past lots of ‘fun to hide in’ areas.  (Fun for the cows when we had them.)



When we had cows this was their favorite pasture.  We call this the Upper End.  It is the Upper End of our place.  You can see one of  our alfalfa fields in the corner.


The Upper End is full of hills and dales.  When the kids were little we would take them and their little plastic sleds and head up here and go sledding in the winter.

Shannon had a goat, Bambi, and the dogs who always went with us…the dogs didn’t sled, but Bambi always road down on his own sled every time.  He would even help pull it back up for another go at the hill. 🙂

From the Upper End we take the only road over to the Back Forty,

Road-to-the-back-40That is Terry the tiny blue dot going toward the Back Forty.

The-viewThe Back Forty is stunning (in my opinion).  All of the front of the photo is our land.  The view is from the hill on the Back Forty.  Our land ends way over to where you see the two trees and the dry looking spot.  This was also the area that burned, a couple of years ago.

I could take you to the Burn Road, but I didn’t this time.  The Burn Road is the road Terry built so the fire trucks could make it to the burn instead of waiting for the fire to ‘get closer’.  The ‘get closer’ was almost a disaster –coming 1 foot from the equipment and 5 feet from Misty’s house and barn.  “Never again,” he said, so he built a road.   I’ll have to do that sometime, just so you can see the West side of the place.

We are not big, we are small farm, but we are lovely farm full of diverse lands and wonderful pastures.  At the new alfalfa field



You can see the into the south west portion of the Uncompahgre Plateau.  You say “Un-come-pah-gray,” meaning — rocks made red by water, rocks that make red water, or just plain dirty water.


Between the two blue mountains (part of the Plateau and another mesa) is Grand Junction


This is a little further away so you can image the span.

TheWell that is a short little trip to give you and idea of the places I talk about when I say the Back Forty or the Upper End.


Thank you for coming along for the ride,