It Froze Early Monday Morning — Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It’s the third time we had a killing frost

From this point on the temperatures will keep sliding down, down, down

I won’t show you the broken and blacked stalks of once beautiful

And lushly green things

Only those objects, which make up the beauty of Autumn

Although, I feel like this is a time when the earth is taking a deep breath

Busily gathering all its energy unto itself


but obviously,

pulling everything inward

Singing to us

A beautiful, haunting good-bye


As the days go by.

From my world to your heart,






17 thoughts on “It Froze Early Monday Morning — Tuesday, October 13, 2020

  1. All we can do is to stay warm and cosy! Nature pulls a soft white blanket over itself and goes to sleep for a while, to wake up again in spring. 🌼☀️


  2. Fall has always been a favorite season. I love the colors of changing leaves and landscape, the migrating birds that visit, how the air smells different, and the coolness of the air. All the delights of harvest. A walk at night to hear the owl, and arriving back to that apple pie.
    The only sad thing, fall was the season mom & my crafty neighbors & I planned on what to make for Christmas. What ornaments to make and what to use… What presents to craft. What foods we’ll bake up. I just have to remember those times, and right now ~ I am off to knit & string some beads… cuz it’s fall! )))hugs(((


  3. No frost here, but bone chilling rain and 40 degrees for days. Colors of fall are beautiful, I must admit, but overshadowed by knowing winter is near. When I was young, raising kids and working, it seems we never thought about the weather…it just was. Your part of the world is so beautiful, no matter what the season, though.


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