Within Dazzling Traces of Excitement—Tuesday, February, 27, 2018

I am gradually (very gradually) getting up to speed on my new computer, the Windows 10 application, my new office suite, and the new Adobe Photoshop.

I haven’t figured out how to download apps yet, or get rid of all those insane games that came with the computer, but maybe soon I will.

Raj,the very friendly man at the Canyon Convenience store, gave to Terry and I a box of tasty sweets he ordered from an on-line company specializing in treats from India.

I finally finished up my latest project..I want to find something else to do—not liking the stash I have in my drawer.  But keeping to the thought I need to finish all those ‘not liked very much projects’ needs to be accomplished or it will be a waste of money.

Then last night, neither Terry or I couldn’t sleep…the clash and rustle, the murmur and noise of our brains not letting our minds escape into solitude and silence

Boomer is with us…he just travels in bursts of speed…sniffing here and there and then running quickly to catch up and pass us.

Standing in the light of the growing moon, we talked and walked our way back to sleep


And the beginning of a new day.

I hope each one of you have a good one!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Wind Sang a Frozen Song—-Monday, January 22, 2018

After a long-icy day of snow, sleet, sideways wind, and air so chilled nothing tried to move

The storm left us with a distinct feeling of relief—the driving needles of the sideways sleet, augmented now and then with huge bursts of sleetless wind; nothing sticking to the ground

a huge chill came to today’s vast blue sky.



The wild birds are back pecking at full tilt on the feeders, making up for the fat lost by a day of hovering wherever they hovered.

This morning’s sunrise lite up the few remaining clouds and the lack of strong wind sang peace to me.  Inspite of the cold.

From my world to your heart,



Skunks and Winter Birds January 21, 2014

Well, the skunks are awake.  We’ve been warm enough that the skunks have come out of their semi-hibernation.  One o’clock in the wee morning, really nighttime, our farm was inundated with skunk perfume.


Terry thought the dogs must have stirred one up; not our dogs as they were sleeping inside.

I got worried about the poultry so the dogs and I headed out to see if everyone was fast asleep and safe!  They were.  I have Night Guard lights on the house, but one never knows what a hungry critter will risk.

The poultry house is extremely safe, locked door, cement floors, wooden walls — still I like to make sure those things that are in our keeping are secure.

They were.

The smell was horrid…lasted until morning when the air shifted as the day warmed up.


That evening, when I was gathering firewood for the night, a string of birds (I couldn’t tell if they were Canada Geese or the Sandhill Cranes) lifted up from a field about a mile from us….very swiftly they flew closer and closer to our farm, forming their v, on their way to some other corn field for the night.


These birds sure do make winter bearable.  I love watching them as the stream across the frozen heavens, calling loudly to one another—gather up, gather up, we are heading over there, come fly with us….come fly.


The sounds fade as they get further away.  I then load my wood and head back to the house.  The winter shades of pink, lavender and shadowy blue fading into dusk.


Your farm friend,



Monday, December 2, 2013

I have a little hawk…he/she is an extremely friendly….



He/she sits very close to me looking for mice hanging under the firewood



I’ve never had a hawk be so…hum…NOT shy.  But this one is.

He/she even let me go into the house, get the camera, come back and take his/her photo.  Of course the wild birds have fled…I would too if I were potential dinner. 🙂

As for the mice…he/she can have all that can be eaten.

Hauling wood is an even most pleasant chore!

Your farm friend,