The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Sam-Sam, Monkey, Mom, Dad, and I all worked outside. The day was cold, but it felt nice to be outside ‘doing stuff’.


Dad was building another backstop for the hay. Since he expanded the acreage of alfalfa he also had to expand the hay yard.  First he dug post holes then he started nailing up the backstop wood.  Mom just held the wood, Dad does all the hard work, like digging the holes,



the tractor sets the poles, and Mom holds the wood in place.


Then Mom and I went for WALK!!! Actually I went for a jog/run/dash :).My-Sam

Sam-Sam came with us,



but Monkey hung out with Dad!


When we got back Dad and Mom loaded up an old cottonwood burr



to haul to the upper end.


Dad said it would make a nice home for some critter up there.

Then Mom and Dad cut up firewood and Mom hauled it to the house.  All the time they were busy — I checked out everything I could…the pipes, the ditches, deer tracks…you name it.



Sam-Sam hung out with Mom and Dad and



Monkey climbed on EVERYTHING!


After that we had to go down to the other house and check on everything down there…that meant a FOUR-WHEELER RIDE!!!!


When all this was finished the day was cooling down and the sun was starting to set!

What a perfect day we had!




18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

  1. My goodness you all were busy! Glad it was a good day to be outside…it was snowing here! I know you keep all the critters away while Mom and Dad are out working. Was good to see Sam-Sam and Monkey out enjoying the day too!


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  2. When ya’ shuck right down to the cob, life is good eh Boomer. If you think of it Boomer, ask Dad how much frost was in the ground when he dug those holes.


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