We Finally Finished—Thursday, February 5, 2015

HomeFinally Terry and I are done with the trees and the fences.  What a huge intense mess we had for a spell.  But now we are done!  YAY!

Now the cows can come and I can enjoy them.  It’s always fun to see the girls arrive–these are first year heifers and second year cows, which means this is the first year for the young cows to have a calf and the second year for last years heifers to calve out.  The reality is these cows are 2 and 3 years old. They have spent their youth here on our place and/or calved out the first time here with us.

I delight when they come, they run here and there, grabbing bits of food, heading to old favorite spots AND coming over to visit us (in particularly the fenced off hay yard; one never knows if the hay yard just MIGHT not be fenced off.)  It takes them a good 10 days to settle into a routine.

Uncle Spike posted a double Rainbow, he said I could link to him so you can see it also!

Even if there wasn’t rainbow right here on the farm, a beautiful sign of hope appeared in my inbox.

All is well!



Before I forget here is the skyline in full daylight.   The only blight is the dead tree stump—which is 30 feet or so in air.   We still might cut it clear to the ground, but this is the stump Misty wants to have Kelly make into a platform for the kids to play on.  Our grandchildren are NOT afraid of height, their grandmother is.

Night-HouseToday I’m going to CLEAN my house!  As you might know it is in dire need after the last several days of trees and fences.  I also need to go buy a birthday present for a certain little granddaughter who will be 7 on the 15th of February.

Thanks to each and everyone of your for stopping by and reading about our Life on a Colorado Farm.  I also appreciate all your comments and your support for the Sherlock Boomer story.  I’m rather jazzed to see if I can actually create a full book.

The sun is shining here and we are heading up to 62* by this afternoon!

Life is Good!

Your friend on a Colorado Farm



26 thoughts on “We Finally Finished—Thursday, February 5, 2015

  1. Love that really big stump,can you get someone with a chainsaw to turn it into an enormous dining room chair, looking out over the fields, with a lovely ladder back that goes the full height.. a chair for a giant (I only say this because I have always wanted to do this but do not have a big stump like that) .. it would be a sensation! c

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    • The is a delightful Idea. Misty is thinking that she wants stairs cut into the tree leading to the top…then on the top a platform so the kids can repeal off the tree. Those grandchildren are fearless. Maybe she would like your idea also!

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  2. Congrats on a big job finished… Now you can enjoy seeing the cows and calves…. I know how much you enjoy that each year.

    The grandchildren will enjoy that big stump… I’ll be curious what someone will make from it for the kids!!!!!


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  3. When we live in a place long enough the house and the trees become part of the family. It’s always hard to see a big tree lose life or become too big for its home. When they’re gone it feels like a lost tooth. We keep checking the empty place out and missing it. Congrats on finishing the BIG job.


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