All Fun and Games Chapter Seven A Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Seven

King led the way, looking left and right, back over his shoulder,

then facing front again.  Gradually the night started to lighten and the day started to grow.

Ethie hopped along, her claws sore and weary.  I went behind her, giving her fluffy chicken body a push and sometimes a shove with my beagle nose.

The traveling was slow and painful and ever so slow.

Did I say slow?

You have NO idea what agonizing slow really is.


“Well, Beagle, here is where I leave you.” King stopped and turned toward Ethie and I.  “I got you to the Little Corn Field.  That is further than I thought we were going to make it.”

With that statement, King turned and pushed his way into the rows of the corn stalks and was gone!

There we stood, a tired, worn out chicken, and one rather tired beagle. But if I stood on the road and looked way down the road, way, way down the road to the tiny little dots way, way down there I could just make out the start of Dad’s implement yard.


We were almost home!

“Okay, Ethie! We are close now.” I turned my eyes back and looked at Ethie.  She was so tired her eyelids had closed over her eyes and she was standing there on one foot, the other foot tucked up under her fluffy feathered belly.


The Urge!

Oh! That very naughty urge to give her a wee little push with my nose!

I could just see what would happen…a gentle little push and FLUPP right into the soft dirt of the farm road Ethie would go.

I stood there a little spell and let Ethie sleep. As I watched Ethie’s one leg slowly collapsed; Ethie sat down in the soft dirt, of the farm road, and slept on.

The day was starting to brighten, but I figured Ethie needed her rest so I stood guard…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, erk, snort, blink…I stood gu…………..zzzzzzz.


HUH!? WHAT!? I jerked awake!


“DANGER! HELP! DANGER!”  Ethie screamed and ran right to me and jumped on my back!

“I’m about to be dinner!”

“Wait, wait!”  I tried to wake up and get my bearings. “Dinner?” I couldn’t make sense of what she was screaming.

Dinner.  What a lovely thought. I licked my lips.  Dinner…I could use dinner. Crunchy bits of cereal, some really yummy something or other out a can….jerky!  Goodness!  ANYTHING!  Dinner sounds….


“OH, SHUT IT UP, HEN! You are the most annoying bird in the universe.  I don’t think I have even come up against any other bird as loud and crazy as you are!”  Ruth fluttered down; landing beside Ethie and myself.

“I see you made it to the farm road.  Not far now.”

“No,” I sighed. “Not far now…just an eternity with a hen.”

“Hummph!” Ethie grumped. “I’m doing my part.  It just takes me longer to get somewhere than you. I only have two feet and you have four.”

“True,” I replied, looking sadly at her two feet. “Ever so true.”

“Well, I think you got it made, dog, so I’m off for my bed in the old tree.”  Hope you make it home before the sun goes down.  If not, I’ll check the road and see where you are.  Maybe I’ll stop for a spell, maybe not.”

With that Ruth rose into the sky; turning into a smaller and smaller dot as she flew away.

Then once more it was just me, Sherlock Boomer Beaglie Brown, and Ethie the hen. And still, a long-long-long way to go.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Nine


Cigarettes mean huge danger; in the form of FIRE!

I put my nose to the ground and started sniffing around in circles, a little bitty circle right next to the two cigarette butts, going wider and wider until…
BAM!  I had the smell of that man—yes it was a man—full in the sensors of my very acute Beagle nose!

I had to find this man and stop him before he dropped anymore cigarette butts somewhere on the farm.  After all the farm is home to lots of animals, Mom and Dad, ME, and Mindy cat.  It’s also home to my oldest sister and all her animals…. dog cousins, Lady the Mule, chickens, Willow and Twisty cat…. I mean there is a whole world resting on my shoulders to save us for fire!

I glanced up once or twice over toward Oreo; seeing Oreo very diligently sniffing along over there by the cactus at the edge of the hill.

I stopped for a minute and waited for Oreo to stop.

He did glancing over at me to see what I was doing.  I raised my left paw and bayed to him—I found the tracks.  Come on over here and search with me.

Oreo skittered over as fast as short little skunk legs could skitter.

“Where, Boomer?  Let me get a good sniff of them also.”

I backed up and let Oreo sniff around the tracks.  “Gosh, he’s a big man…the space between the footsteps is lots of my skunk steps!”

Hum…. he snuffed and sniffed around….  “Wait, Boomer!   There are TWO men.  Here, come smell this…this man doesn’t have as big as stride and he ?!?!? has something like oil on his shoes.  Every step he takes leaves a little smell…of DIESEL FUEL!”

“Diesel FUEL!” I bayed…. cigarettes and diesel fuel are a very bad combination!

Oreo and I pushed on noses on the ground. Oreo following one set of tracks and I another.  Around the tracks went — into the large Chico patch, then down into the Redwing Black Bird paradise, up Coyote Hill…over onto the flat land where Dad stores his bigger farm equipment.

“Wait, Boomer!” Oreo yelled at me “I’m getting tired and need to stop a spell and I need to get a drink of water.  I’m going to head back down the little draw here and fill my mouth will cool water and rest a spell.”

I just looked at him.  He was a small little skunk, and he had kept right up with me and my intense hunt for the bad men; a little break isn’t going to make or break anything at this point anyway.  I figure we are a day behind the two men as it is.

“Okay,” I replied, “I need a rest and to lap up some cool water myself.

We turned around walked passed the old, old, I mean, so old horses had to move the plow-plow, padded down the little incline, and came to the pool of fresh water the Red Winged Blackbirds loved.

I waded right in and started lapping up the cool water, Red Winged Blackbirds sang all around us as happy song of spring as a dog has ever heard.

Oreo was very carefully stepping into the little pond, but just staying right on the edge…looked like to me he was trying NOT to get that BIG bushy tail of his wet.

I stood there in the very cool water, my paw pads soaking up the mud on the bottom watching Oreo drinking, with his little pink tongue, when a big dark shadow flew over the both of us.

The shadow was going slow, very slow, so slow it sorta, kinda scared me.

Then the shadow left and daylight returned.

Oreo and I picked up our feet and started back out of the fresh cool water and padded up the little incline back to Dad’s large equipment area when the BIG SHADOW was Back!

The big shadow flew over us, blocking out all the sun, then we heard the swoosh, swoosh whirr of giant wings beating the air above us.

Oreo and I froze!


It is the Angel of Doom—I just know it its—I raised my nose to the sky to howl and looked right into the eyes of RUTH, the Wise Owl!

“Ruth! You scared me to the point of no return!” I bayed at her.

“Hi, Dog!  Oh, put your tail down skunk and turn a back around…Life is too short to be smelling up the air.”  Ruth chuckled.

“Okay, Dog tell what you and the little black fur creature are doing out here on the farm together.”

“I am NOT a creature! Oreo spouted.  “I am a skunk and Boomer and I are on the trail of two bad men, who smell of diesel fuel and smoke cigarettes!”

“Two bad me who smell of diesel fuel and smoke cigarettes?” Ruth puzzled one feathery tip of her finger placed alongside her beak.

“I’ve seen two men smoking cigarettes, when I was way up there in the sky. And they are NOT far from here.  Actually they are just over in the draw past Coyote Hill.  They have a little camp set up, campfire, tent and clothes strung here and there.” Ruth mused out-loud.

“You are right, Dog and Skunk!  Two men walking around on the farm smoking cigarettes is a baaaaaaaaaad deal.  Gather up your paws and I’ll show you the way to their campsite!”  Ruth hooted as she lifted herself up into the air, flinging little bits of rocks and sticks in our eyes.

“Fooooollloooooowww MMMME”  Ruth called from way, way up, in the blue of the sky.  “Foooolllow me.!”




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery Where I Use a Secret

Chapter Five

I left Mom busy inside and Dad doing something or other around or in his shop and headed up to the Upper End.  There was stuff up there I wanted to sniff out—Spring is in the air and things are stir’n up there.


Making my way up the road, past Romeo the horse, a quick glance over by the corrals to make sure Lady the mule was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of the way I trotted my little self on down the farm road to the Upper End.

(I must watch out for Lady.  She is a watch mule…we haven’t had any trouble with coyotes coming into the yard since Romeo and Lady have had the run of the farm.

Lady the mule sees anything bordering on the word predator and she is there with teeth and feet to stomp the heck out of them.

Now, since I am a dog Lady will take after dogs on her farm just a fast as she does coyotes and fox…)

On I go; trotting past all the Sand hill Cranes,

who have taken to living on the farm…much to Mom and Dad’s joy.

I’ll bet there are thousands of them.

Well, at least hundreds, they love pecking up the corn the cows didn’t get AND squishing around in the little creek at the Upper End.

Then past the last years pinto bean field until I got to the Upper End.


My goodness!

I have never seen so many crows in one spot before EVER!

Especially on the farm!

Especially at the Upper End!

Hundreds of them!

All hanging out fluttering and flapping all over the place. I guess they must like the creek up there also?

(This is last year’s photo.  These cows are not here this year 😦 )

As for me…I think I’ll take a little detour around the crows…they can be right aggressive…Mom, Dad and I have seen them try to attack baby calves’ eyes.  They really enjoy pecking out and eating baby calves’ eyes.

I don’t particularly want to find out if they like big, brown beagle eyes.

I slunk my warm, lovable beagle body down to the ground, hugging the ground as close as I can; making my way past the Upper End, past the little creek, around the corner where I stopped to start checking out all the spring smells on the ground and in the air.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—The Mystery where I use a Secret

Chapter One

Winter work has begun.  Well, winter work doesn’t really exist, because in winter we really don’t work on the farm we just do ‘stuff’.  But Dad has decided its late winter work or early spring work so we are up and at it bright and early.

The first order of business was removing an old broken down culvert up at the beginning of the ditch which brings the water onto the farm.

Dad has to put a culvert in because there is a farm road right there…he can’t take the water out of the main ditch without something to go under the farm road and then on over to the Upper End Pasture.

Dad and Blade started the work, but Mom, Dad and your trusty wonderful beagle—I—continued the whole process.

The two equines came over and supervised.  Lady, the Mule was particularly interested since she had never watched a tractor work before.

Mom has two jobs— helping Dad AND taking photos.

Everything had to stop for two days because the weather turned MOIST, but then we were back up there breaking out the cement part of the ditch and the old culvert then scraping out the dirt ditch the culvert lays in.
Mom says it’s a good thing spring work has started she was starting to get soft, this digging and scraping thing will start to get her back stronger again.

Dad just laughed at her.

Anyway…while they worked, the equines supervised, I checked out all the news up there.  Plus a few left over cow pies.

I have to be careful about checking out cow pies, because…well, if Mom sees me snacking on them I always get yelled at: “BOOMER! YOU STOP EATING THAT!”

Being the good Beagle I always stop and run over to her with a huge smile on my face so Mom won’t be mad at me.

Dad says I don’t realize there are flakes of cow pie still stuck on my tongue, then he laughs.

Mom just shakes her head at me and tells me I have terrible food cravings.  But she always gives me a hug, so I know she isn’t mad at me.

It was a good day that day…working out on the farm and just as we got home the UPS truck was here!

Nothing better than barking that UPS truck into the yard and then barking it down the long lane out of the yard!!

THANK YOU—Monday, September 7, 2015

7I am humbly over-whelmed at the good thoughts, the congratulations, the amazing support of my publishing of my story:  Boomer and the Mystery of the Missing Rabbits.


I graciously thank each of you for your continued friendship,



I Finally Did It—Sunday, September 6, 2015

And of course I don’t know how to add this photo to my side bar….:(

Sherlock_Boomer_3DAnyway I finally did it.   It’s available on   , if you are interested.  The pdf version is reasonable…and the soft cover seems to be in the ball park.

It was a long slog, way over my head in ability, to create the book and get an ISBN number.   I’m still not sure if I’ve done everything right.  I guess time will tell.   I started with what I had already written for the simple reason it it was written. ( I have other stories started, but not finished.)

Soooo  I did it.  A goal I sat for myself and then wondered if I made the right decision.

Of course life is about always learning…this was a BIG learning curve.  That for sure.


Your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Hat and a Coat

A surprise arrived from my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Grand Junction, Colorado.

It was a Mother’s Day present for Mom, but in reality, it was a gift FOR ME!!!  Boomer!  Boomer Brown! (I love saying my name! BOOMER, BOOMIE BROWN!)

Sherlock Boomer!


Now I can wear this when I’m on the case.

Not only that—



I’m the face of the Beagle wearing the hat on the lady’s, Gale Moore’s web page of Doggy Duds!


Sherlock Boomer Brown, Your Servant and Detective Extraordinaire



Yard Work–and a Request–Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bleeding-Heart-2I have finally finished my serial about Sherlock Boomer.  I am very interested in what you think about the story.  Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  If you haven’t read the complete story or would like to please go to Sherlock Boomer on my header or click this blue line.  Because I wrote this as a serial, with a new chapter every Wednesday you will have to scroll clear down to the bottom, then click on older posts to get to the beginning-Chapter One.


I had thought that a weekly chapter would be fun to read and to write.  I am of the mind now  it probably got long and tedious and boring.  Anyway, I am very interested in your thoughts and encourage you to leave a comment.  This way others can read what your wrote and I have a place where all the comments are collected.


Finally, I have been able to work on my own yard–to do so I have to let my house go—soon, soon the renters will be in the other house. Right now I’m painting the bubble gum pink bedroom.  Once I’m finished they will come!


It’s been delightful to see all the dainty spring flowers popping up from all the moisture we had.

14Just look at the beauty of the sky last night!  Stunning isn’t it.  The storm clouds built around the Plateau, never coming our way.  We went out at 6 p.m., to set water, then got in after the sun set.  I love seeing the setting or rising sun when we are out there on the land.  I just love it.

Anyway off now to get some work done.  Please don’t forget to give me your comments about the Sherlock Boomer–Mystery of the Missing Rabbits serial.

Your friend,



We Finally Finished—Thursday, February 5, 2015

HomeFinally Terry and I are done with the trees and the fences.  What a huge intense mess we had for a spell.  But now we are done!  YAY!

Now the cows can come and I can enjoy them.  It’s always fun to see the girls arrive–these are first year heifers and second year cows, which means this is the first year for the young cows to have a calf and the second year for last years heifers to calve out.  The reality is these cows are 2 and 3 years old. They have spent their youth here on our place and/or calved out the first time here with us.

I delight when they come, they run here and there, grabbing bits of food, heading to old favorite spots AND coming over to visit us (in particularly the fenced off hay yard; one never knows if the hay yard just MIGHT not be fenced off.)  It takes them a good 10 days to settle into a routine.

Uncle Spike posted a double Rainbow, he said I could link to him so you can see it also!

Even if there wasn’t rainbow right here on the farm, a beautiful sign of hope appeared in my inbox.

All is well!



Before I forget here is the skyline in full daylight.   The only blight is the dead tree stump—which is 30 feet or so in air.   We still might cut it clear to the ground, but this is the stump Misty wants to have Kelly make into a platform for the kids to play on.  Our grandchildren are NOT afraid of height, their grandmother is.

Night-HouseToday I’m going to CLEAN my house!  As you might know it is in dire need after the last several days of trees and fences.  I also need to go buy a birthday present for a certain little granddaughter who will be 7 on the 15th of February.

Thanks to each and everyone of your for stopping by and reading about our Life on a Colorado Farm.  I also appreciate all your comments and your support for the Sherlock Boomer story.  I’m rather jazzed to see if I can actually create a full book.

The sun is shining here and we are heading up to 62* by this afternoon!

Life is Good!

Your friend on a Colorado Farm


I’m Thinking of Something a Little Bit Different—Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flock-1Look at the huge flocks of birds down where our eldest daughter lives!

FlocksMasses of Sandhill Cranes, and Canada Geese.  There are ducks in the field with them, but I couldn’t get a shot to turn out very well.

The sounds are LOUD!  Everyone talking all at once, doing their dances and singing love songs to each other…Valentines Day IS coming, you know.

They are so loud you can’t hear yourself talk!  🙂  Makes me smile.  I hollered over to them they could all fly down to our farm and hang out for a few days I would love to have them!  🙂

Now my bit of news.  All last year I tried to figure out HOW to make the Fuzzy and Boomer stories into a publishable book…I tried.  But all along I couldn’t get the proper feel of a actual story—they just kept feeling like blog posts.


This year I am still interested in the book idea, but I’m going to go about it a different way.  You will notice at the top of my blog I have several categories one of which says: Sherlock Boomer.  Every Wednesday I am going to write a Chapter a week about Boomer and a small mystery on the farm….no dead human bodies in these mysteries or evil drug lords—just simple little mysteries which Boomer and his friends will solve in a few chapters.  At the end I should have a book.

The Cast of Characters

Boomer has taken up a new hobby…solving mysteries on the farm. His lovable canine super beagle nose leads him and his farm friends on delightful warm-hearted adventures.


Boomer is a Beagle….although, he doesn’t know he is a beagle.  He doesn’t hunt rabbits or mice or chase birds.  But he DOES love gathering the news.  It was after the loss of his very best friend Fuzzy and falling into a long funk that he decided it was time to start living again.  Since Boomer loves to gather the news, solving mysteries was the next step. (See the Fuzzy link)


Monkey Cat—lived in the house for years and years and years.  If Mom or Dad made her go outside she would climb on the screen door and hang there until they let her back in.  Then suddenly- the year she turned nine –she decided that she was old enough and brave enough to explore the big outdoors.   Boomer started taking the little fluffy fraidy-cat with him to see the farm…Monkey Cat has decided that visiting outside is, well, FUN!


Sam-Sam Cat — the wise and oldest animal on the farm.  Sammy is fifteen and the undisputed cat all around. Sammy is devoted to Mom and adores Dad.  He tolerates Monkey and only goes with Boomer to keep Boomer out of trouble.  Often times its Sammy who figures out what REALLY is going on.

Foxy and Red—warm-hearted Fox who live at the Upper End of the farm in a pile of old dead Cottonwood Trees. Mom doesn’t mind the fox family on the farm because there are NOT and chickens on the farm anymore.  But IF Mom were to get chickens again (she thinks about it a lot) then Foxy and Red would not be welcomed anywhere near the farm yard.   Boomer isn’t much of a watch dog or a guard dog.  Boomer has a warm heart for everyone, except the Coyotes.  So IF Mom gets chickens, Mom will need to get a guard dog for the hens.  Until that time…Foxy and Red pretty much have the run of the whole farm!

Starting tomorrow morning (Wednesday) I will begin my very first attempt at a book, in a serial format — a new chapter every Wednesday until the book is complete. Fridays with Boomer will still continue, because that is about our every day life on the farm seen through a dog’s eyes. A much different format than a serial posting resulting in a book.

Fire-2I am very excited about this new idea and hope to see all of you tomorrow!

Your friend,