The First Day of March–Sunday, March 1, 2015

sun.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the first day of March.  That, in and of itself, is a true joy for me.

This has been the sun for two weeks or more.  Sometimes the clouds part; showing little patches of blue.  Blue sky, it sparks such hope.

Geese-2We have a pair of Canada Geese living with the cows in the corn field.  I love having them here.  I mentally send them peace and safety…they must have decided to stay for a spell before heading up north.

I have also seen flocks of Western Meadowlarks (YAY, they are Back!) And huge flocks of blackbirds, some smaller flocks of red-winged black birds, but I have not seen any blue birds yet.  Soon I hope.

Number-8My favorite cow is here again this year.  She is dressed to the nines in stylish back and white…see her white tail.  🙂  It always makes me smile when I see her.  She is getting older, so I wonder if she will be back next year.  Only time will tell.

March 1st….what a nice date to see on the calendar…in 31 days we will be at April.  WHOO HOOO!

Your friend,


14 thoughts on “The First Day of March–Sunday, March 1, 2015

  1. Canadian geese! You have such interesting wild life on that farm. Do the cows also roam wild? Here by us the Nguni cattle are tethered with leather or rope reins next to the roads on the hills where they graze during the day (to prevent them from walking onto the freeway), but at night they sleep in an enclosure.

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    • How very interesting. The cows here are allowed to roam free. They understand the fences and do not try to go over them unless they are very hungry. Which they aren’t on our farm.


  2. Yeah–it’s March…. Hopefully, March will be GOOD to all of us…. Soon we will be seeing some Spring (I hope).

    Hope you are staying nice and warm. We are FINALLY thawing out some from all of our storms. They said on TV that the temperatures here did not get above freezing since Feb. 14…. Then the 5 storms hit.. It will take awhile to get all of this junk thawed out –and then the yard clean-up begins in our yard. HUGE JOB.

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  3. Love the fancy black and white cow.
    The red wing black birds have been here for a few weeks. The robins have been here too! 🙂
    Love to see the geese pairing up. Some stick around here all summer raising their babies. Our trumpeter swans are back too. About 50 now! So pretty. So white.

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  4. We have a saying here that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and vice versa.
    Well yesterday March came in roaring with a gale and an inch of snow, and it is snowing as I write this. The good news is that it is set to be warmer by the week end.
    Yes she is a rather nice cow isn’t she?

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