It’s Raining Here—Again—Wednesday, June 6, 2015

floodSure is good for the weeds and the flowers, not so good for my working in the weeds and flowers.


It’s also hard to irrigate.



I worked in the sunshine (really the shade of the sunshine) all day yesterday.



The weeds I jerked out won’t get to rejoice in all this moisture.


Oh, well…the rain is here today and gone by the weekend.

YellowYour friend,




22 thoughts on “It’s Raining Here—Again—Wednesday, June 6, 2015

  1. At least the rain makes the weeds easier to pull out, assuming it stops long enough for you to get into the garden. At least the rain is supposed to be gone by the weekend. (Maybe it will come here!)


  2. Nice if it clears up on the weekend … For people who work indoors. In Oregon (in our other life) it seemed like it always rained on weekends . For you, I just hope it clears up soon enough for you to finish your outside jobs in good time. Your flowers are just beautiful.

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  3. Love your red poppy, I planted lots of red ones but all I have are pink! Go figure. Thanks to the birds I have pink poppies (and purple columbines) coming up in the oddest places!

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  4. Holy cow! That is the ruffliest iris I have ever seen. Lovely. We are caught in the lather, rinse, repeat cycle here too. No hay making. Garden looks great one day and like a jungle the next. Someday we will get the tomatoes in……take care, good friend.

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