Time is Winding Down—Thursday, June 16, 2016

PeonySadly our time with Bladen is ending.

PinkJust a few more hours left

Pink-DaisyThen his Dad will be here.

Pink-rosesComing back from training for School Principals in Snowmass, Colorado.

Roses I’m not complaining.  Just sad.  The time went so fast.

White-roseStill I’m so very grateful for the time we have had.

White-rose1He said it’s been great.  He got together with all his friends from Delta. Every last one of them.

Busy-BirdHis family is moving closer to us…Kelly will be the Middle School Principal at Parachute, Colorado next year.  Blade says that is only one hour and 22 minutes away.

Clouds-1I’ll take anything that gets them closer.  Blade says he agrees!



It’s Raining Here—Again—Wednesday, June 6, 2015

floodSure is good for the weeds and the flowers, not so good for my working in the weeds and flowers.


It’s also hard to irrigate.



I worked in the sunshine (really the shade of the sunshine) all day yesterday.



The weeds I jerked out won’t get to rejoice in all this moisture.


Oh, well…the rain is here today and gone by the weekend.

YellowYour friend,