The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Help

Blade’s here!!!  He has been here for a week, but Mom says the week is about over!


He’s been helping Mom and Dad lots!  Where ever they go and whatever they do, he is right there with them.



We all went out and rolled bales for Dad…that means we straightened up all the bales so the stack wagon can just come along and pick them up, without Dad having to get off and straighten the bale first.

Then Blade gathered the loose cut alfalfa the baler missed on the back end of the first field, while Mom and I gathered the loose hay on the upper end.

Blade picked the hardest part; he said he really wanted to do, so Mom and I let him.

Mom says Blade cuts her work in ½, he is that good of helper.

Dad is cutting the big field of alfalfa now.  Mom says that when this alfalfa has dried down into hay, it will just be she and I to do everything.

I sat down on the ground and whapped my tail several times, with great love in my eyes. I’ll be here to help Mom, I tried to convey to her.

Mom gave me lots of pats, “I know, Boomer.  It’s just Blade gets OFF the 4-wheeler and actually moves the bales.”


Oh, well, I do go every time…and let me tell you it’s HOT out there!





14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Help

  1. HI BOOMER !!!your JOB IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR SURE AS THE OVERSEER OF THE WORK!!! PLUS THE JOY-BRINGER TO ALL so be sure you get some TREATS and lots of water-and tons of pats too — ———–wags…-Merri


  2. Boy, I heard you on heat. You all be careful and drink lots of liquids. Don’t need any heatstroke.
    Have a blessed weekend and thank you for all you do! ♥


  3. There’s a lot to be said for YOUR kind of help, B. I mean the love in the eyes and the wag of the tail. It won’t cut the work in half, but it has to make it more fun.

    Love and licks,

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  4. You are working SO hard Boomer. Documenting everything that happens is darn hard work. MUCH harder than picking up stray alfalfa, picking all the right words and everything! (I am missing Fuzzy about now. I know you are too. His angel sits on your shoulder when you’re out there working so hard, don’t you think?)

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