Update—Thursday, June 18,2015

MesasWe have had Bladen here for the week. It’s been a full and busy week having a 13 year-old, very energetic boy staying with us.  (We feel so very blessed.)


(We went from a cool rainy time to a suddenly HOT 100* -37.77 c– all over night.  Time to cut the alfalfa!)

I have had my lawn mowed, the edges cut, and a variety of other things done, which cut my work load in half.  There have been rides to get the pinto bean seed with Grandpa, then many trips out to the field to take the bean sacks to Grandpa— so Grandpa could plant them.  Then a trip out to bring Grandpa home for supper or lunch, or to gather the pinto bean sacks from the edges of the field.

But all work and no play makes life very dull.

Evening-whiteSo a fun evening with Uncle Evan and Auntie Jolyne playing a game occurred.

Cousin Zack, (Blade’s Dad’s brother’s son) came and spent the day (yesterday)  with us..swimming in the afternoon, ice cream with 8th grade friends, and a round of miniature golf. (All withOUT grandparents hovering around!)

Terry and Blade have been staying up ”’WAY”’ late watching American Ninja Warriors. Since Zack spent the night it was guys night  watching the amazing feats of the competitors.  (Going to bed early can occur at their own homes. 🙂 )

Zack will go back home this evening, but not before more ‘cool’ things happen.  Life at Grammy and Grandpa’s should be extra special don’t you think?

We will pick up Linkin on Saturday (she has been at camp) then we will take the kids and meet their parents half-way Sunday afternoon.

July the kids will be traveling with their parents, then in August we will have Linkin for a week.

Every moment is one cherished!

Your friend,



20 thoughts on “Update—Thursday, June 18,2015

  1. What a cherished time with your grandson!! Nice he helped oyou so much as well, and had a great time doing it. My best memories are on Chiicao’s SOuth Side on Racine Avenue…with my dear grandparents. Grandpa worked in the train yard, and I loved listening to them calling all night and day. Gram would make her famous thin German Pancakes smothered in butter and sugar…for my cousin Al and me to devour…then out to go to Brainerd..the two five blocs away to the favorite hangout, the Dime Store and buy gram something every day with our pennies. Of course we had to stop at Cora’s Bakery for bismarks to take home to dunk in gram’s famous perked coffee…mmmmmmmmmmmmthanks for the trip and have such fun …Blessings, Love Merri

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  2. We have our oldest grandson (22) from Seattle here for two weeks, his parents will be here Sunday night, it’s been about two years since they have seen each other. we will have both kids, inlaws and four grandkids here. Our daughter and family live here near us but it has been four years since they have all been together. A big two weeks for all of us.

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  3. YOu guys have that grandparenting thing down perfectly! A little work a little play a little time with grandpa and grandma and a little time without them…. And sharing it with a friend. That is a recipe for a happy young teen! And a delight for you and Terry. What a lovely time.

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