A Day of Catching Up—Thursday, August 20, 2015

We are picking up all the loose ends today–

BranchesTerry and I ran down early, early this morning to cut some tree limbs, which were too close to the roof on the other house.

CustomerA hay customer just left

Crop-beansWe checked to see how the bean crop was doing at the early morning irrigation –the pods are now at the green string bean stage…we need at least three more weeks of growing weather for them to ripen and strip.

Crop-CornThe corn is looking good.  This is not sweet corn, but the kind of corn you have for cereal, corn bread, and animal food.  Harvest for the corn is not until late October or sometime in November.

Crop-HayThe alfalfa is coming along nicely.  It looks like around Labor day will be third and last cutting of hay.

Boy, the growing season is fast coming to a close!

CannasI’m pleased with my canna bed.  This is where we cut down a dead pine tree this winter.  I wasn’t really sure  what I wanted to do with this area, but I think having the cannas here was a very good thing.

TubLike most of you, we are having cold temps.  It was 47* this morning when we woke-up. Sure feels like fall.  Although, we are NOT ready for a freeze.  We need the heat to return to be able to get the crops to maturity.

Honey-BeeI guess I won’t worry about it…there is nothing I can do anyway.

Your friend as always,



31 thoughts on “A Day of Catching Up—Thursday, August 20, 2015

  1. Hard not to think about Fall cuz it sure feels like it in the air right now! We too are looking towards what things I’ll bring in to overwinter and such. Your gardens and fields look like they are doing just amazing!

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  2. We need rain badly, and there’s a little bit coming, but it’s being chased by a cold front, so that’s the sting in the tail of winter for us. Not that you’d recognise it as winter, of course! I have so much work to do in the back yard to get ready for spring, and so little time right now it’s not funny, but it’ll all get done somehow… Beautiful cannas, and your white angel trumpet is coming along nicely!

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    • we need rain here very much, also. The fires from around the North West and Idaho and California and well, you name it, makes a huge need for rain. Right here on the farm, we need rain also. Very much so. 😦

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  3. Holy hell – no wonder you were down quick smart to the other house to remove
    those overhanging branches – far TOO close for comfort as a fire hazard to my liking.
    The crops all look great and as you say/write now all in the “laps of the weather deities”.
    Lets hope the weather holds good for you until the last crop is harvested. My God you
    and Terry deserve it after all your labours.
    Cannas are quite amazing plants – they seem immune to varieties of weather.
    I from my New Guinea days always associated them with the Topics where they
    grow whilst you look at them and so many varieties of flower (Bloom) colours and mixtures also
    of the bloom colours. They certainly grow well here in Brisbane gardens and even bloomed
    profusely in Young, NSW where it does get very cold in winter.
    Presently raining here but it is needed to freshen up lawns and garden beds.
    This August has been just so un-August like!!! Really August never arrived.
    Cheers and fingers crossed for continued good weather for your crops.

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  4. beautiful pictures, and you are right..the one thing we cannot control (yet) is the weather, Garden is looking great, fields look splendid and the world is ok…

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