The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Forgotten

Can you believe it!!!?  Mom forgot to let me blog last week!  I was SHOCKED!!!

1Oh, well!  I still had lots to do.


I checked out the perimeter of the farmhouse every morning and evening and more, if I’m bored.

2Sometimes I head out in the night.  Because…

3Well you see why.

12It’s really smoky here.  All the smoke from the horrible wildfires going on in California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming has drifted into our area.

Red-SUn-2 It’s caught here…we are full of hills and dales, mountains and buttes, valleys and hollers, mesas and canyons,  so it makes for a wonderful spot to stay a spell.  Mom says we either need a good stiff wind or a nice heavy rain.

Red-Sun3I think I agree with her.  I spend lots of time sneezing, right along with Mom and Dad, and the rest of the people who live in our area. (Mom says she bets its much worse where the fires really are.)

We are working down at the rent house again.  Mom says she is not fond of rental property.  As for me…heck! I love it!  Anytime I get to ‘go’ I’m up for whatever there is to go too!  🙂

QuailLOOK!  A Gambol’s Quail up high on the electric line!


Gota go! Mom wants me to help her!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Forgotten

  1. B., you are an amazing farm helper. There are so many jobs for you to do and you are always up for the challenge. I am sad about those fires. We see them all the time on the news. I wish it would rain and rain and knock down the sneezy smoke and then rain some more and put out the fires.

    Love and licks,

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  2. As long as it stays smoke and nothing more. So sad what is happening there. We are tired of our rental property, too. It’s back in North Carolina. We are going to put it on the market and pray that it sells.
    Stay safe and have a blessed weekend!

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  3. I’m with your Mom – rentals suck but I know she will make the best of it. Be careful out there in all that smoke – it is really awful here and requiring us to stay inside more – which is not making Epic a happy spoo!

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