A Happy Dance — Thursday, August 27, 2015

12It’s raining here!

11Real rain!

10Terry is out changing the irrigation water…not me.  I’m sitting here, dry, and talking to you. 🙂

9I know…I’m a fair weather irrigator!  🙂


Actually, he has some things he wanted to do that I couldn’t help with, but still

7He is in the rain, with his yellow slicker on an rubber boots.

6And I’m not.

3The corn has dented…a full dent.  That means the last irrigation is soon.

2The pinto beans are starting to stripe and turn yellow…once fully yellow it will be time to let them dry so they can be harvested.

1We will irrigate the alfalfa field after the hay is cut and hauled in, then that will be it for the year.

More signs of fall…the ending of the growing season.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




31 thoughts on “A Happy Dance — Thursday, August 27, 2015

  1. We drove the second part of yesterday’s journey through pouring rain, and rejoiced. It’s cool and wet this early morning, but we don’t mind, the land is getting a good drink. I won’t even mind if it rains the whole of our vacation. Of course, all this rain isn’t doing my garden at home any good, but I’m hoping there will be some up there too. What a little slice of paradise you’ve created there…

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  2. Good news that you got your rain in a satisfactory amount and here
    the rain clouds crossed the Tweed and we have had good overnight
    rain. The gardens / lawns will be lapping it all up.
    By the looks of the sky it could have set in of today.
    The on and off stuff – drives city people (workers) nuts,
    but for country people it is THE good soaking stuff – liquid manna from
    heaven eh?
    I reckon Terry has a point – you have to take you turn – the evening shift!
    I guess you could point a finger at the evening dishes in the sink as
    you put on your gum boots??
    “All’s fair on the ranch/farm front”!!! ???

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  3. Liquid sunshine..it is called in Barbados…. but I think Yellow Rubbers would suit Terry very well and look very smart , sort of sou’wester type of thing, a definite ‘MAN’look.
    Ah I see the suns shines on the righteous yet again….have a great day

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  4. Oh goodness, Linda, I am way behind in my blog posting again!! I read them on my ipad, but like to type on my desktop!! Hate trying to type on that tiny ipad!!

    Glad you got some rain. We are really needing it here, also. The sky got dark and it thundered and lightning and we got about 5 drops of rain this evening!! 😦 So the irrigating continues. Your flower beds are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all your pretty pictures of them.


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