Yesterday’s Storm–Wednesday, August 26, 2015

StormLast evening it looked like a storm (just might possibly) come in.  The sky changed, the feel to air changed, it smelled like rain.

jklThen it blew away.  Still today the haze is not AS bad.

I sure hope we (meaning everyone who is in dire need of rain) gets some soon.  Rain to stop all the forest fires, to green up the earth, to clean the skies, and to bring life back on the land.

Your friend,



19 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Storm–Wednesday, August 26, 2015

  1. Well it has rained heavily down in NSW and Vic, but rain as “Kate” up north from Brisbane
    writes – rain is now badly needed above the River Tweed and inland.
    Such a bloody pity that the farming fraternity can’t have taps to turn on and off when needed?
    It makes my blood boil with city slickers who go on holidays out west and complain when it rains when even the dopiest of them with eyes should be able to see the barren soils and the cattle and sheep in a state with all rids prominent to note!
    Plus withered crops dying in the paddocks!!!
    This concept that food miraculously appears on supermarket shelves should be addressed
    by the Ministers in charge of Agriculture, but here we have some state ministers who wouldn’t know the difference between a canary and a bullock!!!
    Fortunately the Federal Minister is a man of the land – country bred and born,
    not like the useless State ministers who live in city highrise buidings with some pot plants,
    maybe a fish tank and a bloody canary or a budgerigar.

    I hope you get your needed rain.
    PS; I do know the difference between a canary and a cow!!!

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  2. Katechiconi beat me to it. Amen, was the comment I had in mind too. What you said. Yes. We had a weird summer in France weather-wise. Very weird. It was hot and dry forEVER and storms would come and hang over your head and nothing would come. No rain. Not a drop. This happened over and over. It was very unsettling. We have an innate sense of rain coming, and when that primitive instinct is frustrated, it is the oddest feeling. I felt like doing rain dances!

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