The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Head Held High

With my head held high, I rode proudly with Mom to the middle field.  It was here she and I and Dad are working to harvest the last of the alfalfa; now turned to hay.

Just going out to help my people is a very moving experience—I sometimes even get tears in my eyes.    Of course, it could be because we are on the four-wheelers.  Also, if the wind is blowing the little bits of dust does seem to make my eyes water.  (Just saying.)


We went out early, then almost early, then sorta early, by this time it was getting hot.  After that Mom and I came in and fixed lunch.  I got (2) TWO, mind you chicken wing bones!  I also got ½ can of 98% beef and a rub on the belly and both my ears scratched.  There is always free-to-eat-anytime dry as sawdust kibble, but I don’t figure it counts are real food.


Since Mom and Dad were concerned that a rain storm was due to come in; right after the lunch dishes were done, we went back out.

It was HOT out there!

I mean so hot my tongue hung clear out of my mouth and dropped saliva all down the fender on my side of the four-wheeler.


I mean it was HOT!  After the morning, which was sorta on the cold side, getting used to the heat was something else.

So when Mom came in with the second load, (Mom picks up the broken bales and the loose alfalfa –the stack wagon can’t get that stuff) of a broken bale.  (There were three broken bales and two loads of loose stuff.  Mom’s trailer holds one broken bale.) I STAYED HOME!

The second she drove into the hay barn I jumped off and headed to my water dish and my spot in the shade.

There I stayed even when Mom called and asked if I wanted to go back out with her…I just wagged my tail and laid my body flat in the cool shady grass. I would have gone if she had made me, but Mom didn’t make me. I heard the four-wheeler go out then a little while later, in mid-snooze, I heard her come back in.  Then go out………………




31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Head Held High

  1. HI BOOMER you stay in out of that heat now…you re looking so good …wise to stay cool and just rest and then have mom and dad all to yourself when they come home. SOmeone needs to watch the place too….and that dinner you had is making ME HUNGRY… keep up the good watching in that beautiful field there wow it is so pretty all that hay and know it smells like heaven. I love alfalfa…….see you later booer…love love love to you…blessings and more beef…..hit to the kitties there…from my kitties Cheops and Inky…more later Boom….your friend from NE mn Merri here is a treat from us…mmmmmm good huh?

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  2. Smart boy, B. Mom hollered at me yesterday for flopping down for a street nap when the ground was blazing hot. She got me up and walking again with claims of ice cream. I wasn’t hopeful, but yay! When we got inside, there was doggie ice cream just for me!

    Love and licks,

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  3. Hey Boom! I love it when I get to go with mom! Early, early this morning she went without me though and I was sad and she was even doing Cows! Well , she said it wasn’t her intention but the cows were just there and needed moving. hummph But now we are about to go and check fences and cows and I get to go and so does Pickles. We go right along the river so I can jump in for a swim and drink. Pickles just gets a drink. I don’t understand…she doesn’t like to swim and she’s a LAB! Such a funny old lady. Then when we get back I can take a nap under the desk and maybe even get a cookie. Have a good weekend Boom
    The Gus.

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