The Start of the Pinto Bean Harvest, Thursday, September, 17, 2015

FloodRight after breakfast and the next set of irrigation water on the alfalfa field, Terry, Boomer, and I header over to hook-up the bean puller and bar.

bean-pullerThis is the bean puller

730-and-bean-pullerAnd hook up the bar on the back of the 730.  You understand that Terry does most the work.  Boomer is off somewhere checking out the news and I’m pretty much there to give him a tool, or the handyman jack, or move something out the way.  🙂

bean-bladeThat’s the blade…the puller pulls the beans out the ground and the blade cuts off any stems the puller misses.

ReadyThe pinto beans are ready.  The plant is dry, with only the weeds staying green and growing.

Harvest-2Up and down, careful, careful…you don’t want to run over the plants and loose your crop.

Harvest-1Slowly, ever so slowly,

RowsThe beans are put into rows.  Once the day warms up, Terry stops— warmer air will dry the dew off the pods causing the pods to split and spill the beans.

Tomorrow (if all goes well) he will put on a different blade and go out and lift all the rows UP so they are fluffy and can have air circulate among the plants.

Then we wait.  Terry says (if the warm weather holds and NO rain), in about a week the green weeds should be dry and he can start combining.

Harvest!  A huge process with nice results.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,



27 thoughts on “The Start of the Pinto Bean Harvest, Thursday, September, 17, 2015

  1. It all looks so lovely, with no people, just you and Terry and Boomer… it must be so peaceful…
    My crises are taking me down to the wire … but will write when this last hurdle has been jumped… I think it’s the last anyway !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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