The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Milk Duds and Beef Jerky

2The cows are here!


Mom and I are in cow heaven!  Every day Dad, Mom, and I head out and count babies.  Right now…the count this morning was forty five calves on the ground.


Some just born overnight, a couple being born, as we drove by, and several are days and even a week or so old.


Now I admit, the other thing I like about CALF season is SNACKS! Mom gets rather irritated with me about SNACKS, in calf season, but (golly-geez!), I can’t help myself they are SO good!


I have to head-out by myself, as Mom gets grossed out and won’t let me snack.  (I must admit Fuzzy never liked these snacks.  I don’t know why he didn’t, he would just turn his head and walk on by.)


The first day of figuring out the farm is now loaded with Milk Duds (calf poopy) and Beef Jerky (after birth) I ate so much I had a belly ache.  Mom told me she didn’t feel one bit sorry for me.  Well, so what, I felt sorry for me.





32 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Milk Duds and Beef Jerky

  1. Ha ha and Yuck Yuck
    Still if a dog’s gotta do it , a dog’s gunna do it and bugger the consequences.
    Thank God you are not around when it is “Prairie Oyster” time with the “Mickeys”.
    Ask your folks for the delicate details – ha ha.
    Cheers and don’t be sick in doors or ELSE!!!
    Colin ( 6.30am Friday 26th Brisbane time.)

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  2. grrrrroooooose ! but when on a run or ride, I gotta be vigilant to yell at RockSea before she drops and rolls in (preferably the freshest) cow (or any) manure. I don’t know if I included JaJa’s drop/&/roll onto a fresh dead skunk when on a drive over McClure to Redstone last summer?

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