Bubbles of Joy—-Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loch-Colorado-Farm-MonsterThe Monster at the Loch of Colorado Farm. He resides within the Standing Stones Garden.

1Everything comes at a price, they say.  Everything.

3But I wonder:  Does it have to be in pain, and sweat and tears!

Can’t the price be hope, and joy, and the belief in well-being?


Can’t it come through that most profound emotion called Love?


Why NOT approach everything in the belief that there is a stream of well-being in the world and be part of that stream?


I love the coolness and the sudden sense of relief the second I arrive in that place of “letting go”.   The letting go place is soothing, calming, and (to be very honest) Real!

Changing-Water-1Even if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say…that’s okay also.

CultivatingI much prefer this looking at the world in rose colored glasses, than any other kind.

Cooling-offMy wish for you today is find those things that raise your heart in happiness!

From my heart to your world,




41 thoughts on “Bubbles of Joy—-Thursday, May 26, 2016

  1. That could be our “Charlie’ reclining among the green blades of the iris. Charlie was a rescue from the Wind River Indian Reservation in Lander, WY, a happy [if not very intelligent] transplant to KY! Here the iris have done blooming and are tipped with swelling seed pods. The peonies have been predictably flattened with rain.

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  2. Linda , I agree with you about looking at life . There are always hard times and sorrow, BUT There are so many things to give happiness. We can not let the bad keep us down. The young folks look to us older ones to give them a smile and encouragement. You sure do that. Harry and I do our best.
    The crops here are looking great. had lot of rain. Thankfully no high wind or tornadoes like parts of Kansas have. Take care to all you folks that write. Sharon Drake south central kansas

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  3. I’m going to pay a visit to my Happy Place today, to rediscover my own personal stream of happiness. Too much happening, too much scary stuff and pain. It’s time for the Big Sky to calm me down. And then I’ll bake a cake, and all will be well in my world. Love your Monster and your beautiful irises….

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  4. I think the zen masters have known for centuries that letting go is the secret. It’s only when you let go that you can fully interact with reality, which is the love you feel flowing. But, it is all so much easier said/read/studied than done. I love it that you hold this struggle central in your life and bring us with you, whether we understand our not. You’re a good woman, Linda.

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    • It can be a struggle, but all I have to do is pay attention to my feelings…if they are in a bad place then I know I need to let them go and replace them with something better. That is the key. Letting go and replacing!


  5. I loved every word and photo in this post!!! There is a stream of well being. So many of us lose out footing and step out of it because we lose focus. You just sent out a huge reminder. I could stay here all day. But my happy place is calling me. Have a wonderfilled weekend. Catching up. 🙂

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