The Gossamer of Summer—Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our youngest daughter, our son-in-law, and the three grandchildren (plus Grandpa, of course) all posed for our annual “Knee-High by the Fourth of July” calendar photo last evening.

Then we all headed off to watch the

fireworks at Confluence Lake in Delta.

Of course fireworks are always beautiful…massive showers of sparkling lights hurtled to the heavens, drowning out the stars…but not the waxing Gibbous moon.

Before we headed down to join the masses watching roaring darkness…

Boomer went with me to do my evening chores.  This is the first time he truly smiled since his illness. I’m holding my breath in this space-in-time; following the last few days of fear, illness and extreme worry I pray we don’t have a relapse.

He still has coughing jags, but he is eating and drinking and eliminating.  His tail wags, he is walking around, asks to ride with me on the four-wheeler…and now Smiles!

Once more thank you so much (each and everyone of you) for your support and strength through out all this.




22 thoughts on “The Gossamer of Summer—Wednesday, July 5, 2017

  1. Wonderful news about Boomer. With your excellent care and love (and Sammy’s too) Boomer will get stronger every day. Can’t help but wonder how he got viral pneumonia, of all things. Hugs for you and him. Cats have many jobs, nurse is one of them.

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  2. Sending many good thoughts. i did not realize how seriously ill Boomer had been as I always miss posts when we’re traveling no matter how hard I try to keep up. Beautiful family shot (though you need to get in there yourself somehow) … but at least you CAN take good pictures of your family — I am so lousy at taking people pix, except for the great-grands, who of course are of the generation that was born posing.

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  3. Relief here too that Boomer is on the path to feeling better! Those grandkids have really grown – so glad they were able to spend the 4th with you!

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  4. Such a beautiful family, Linda. Fireworks are always a good tonic aren’t they? I lucked out this year. We are in Rapallo, Italy for a few days, and it just happened that they celebrated their patron saint with fireworks for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW over the water of the gulf right outside our window. I’ll send you some photos. SO HAPPY ABOUT BOOMER! Fingers and tails crossed that his recovery continues.

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