Hot-Sun-Kissed 106* DayLight—July 6, 2017

As the health of Boomer flickered good and bad, bad to worse, then improving, to— I now have Hope….we had company.

My brother and his wife, Cloudy came for a short stay. Boomer felt good enough to be part of most everything.

Then the kids came from Battlement Mesa.

We went to the lake, of which I would not let Boomer go.  Too much activity and way too hot.  And who knows how he got this stuff—I want it confined here and to die out here.

Then early this morning, while the air was still cool, before the red and bright light spread it’s heat upon the land

We had a hay customer arrive wanting 100 bales.

Then the day broke forth spreading sunshine and shadows.  Boomer and I walked a short ways down the farm lane…waving good-bye to our family as they headed back to their home.

Gradually, gradually I am seeing Boomer improving.  Once more I thank each and everyone of you!

Very humbly, your friend



33 thoughts on “Hot-Sun-Kissed 106* DayLight—July 6, 2017

  1. Family, hay customers and an improving Boomer ~ Sounds good!
    Did the thermometer really hit 106° over there? :::ugh:::🌞:::hot::: And that’s why your corn looks SO good!

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  2. That is encouraging news about Boomer. Yea!! Keeping fingers crossed on his continued improvement. He probably wants to do more than he should. Hot here, too, but after the never ending winter I will not complain. Hugs and love

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  3. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!! Yay for Boomer getting better. But 106!!! Oh, my no. I don’t think I could take it. I’d be sitting in the fridge. ;( I’ll keep prayers going for Boomer till you say he’s 100%.

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  4. Life catches you out. My son is autistic,today we went out for a drive. It was lovely all went well. I needed a half bottle of scotch to get over it. Life is tough, best wishes to boomer.

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