Heaven is on the Earth in the Eyes of Animals—-Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lady is changing by leaps and bounds.  She allows the halter to be put on her face, and IF we don’t come at her face, or try to pet her face in anyway shape or form (she had bloody whip lashes on her face when Shannon got her —and old scars on her rear) she is welcoming to our hands

This is a friend’s little kitty….she is very affectionate and loves hanging right by your feet, joyfully purring the whole time.

Then there is that silly, full of personality, Willow, one of Shannon’s cats…he has started smelling like dried alfalfa for some reason 🙂

Animals…they are such an added bonus to our lives.

From my world to your heart,





Willow, Shannon’s Great Big Wonderful Cat—Thursday, February 8, 2018


Willow is such a cute and fun cat.  He is a Norwegian Forest cat and FULL of personality!

He gives kisses on the nose to his mom and even to Boomer Beaglie Brown.  (Who isn’t really sure a cat kissing him on the nose is something he should like–but he does stay still and let Willow give him kisses 🙂 )

He is such a pretty boy!  Now aging, but still ever so wonderful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Houston

houston-comes-to-visitHouston came for a visit!  I didn’t know she was back from Alamosa, Colorado…but she WAS!


She ran all the way across the muddy fields to see ME!


After we played and wrestled and had a great Time!


Shannon and Romeo came up to see us.


Then I went back with Houston and we played and played with Shannon’s dogs  and Romeo and Willow cat.


Then it was time for me to go home.

I begged and begged Mom to spend the night.  Or let Houston stay with us.  But Houston’s Dad was getting ready to head back to Alamosa, so we had to say good-bye!

I whined and whined when she drove away.

Mom says Houston will be back again soon.


Okay…until then I can always play with Rocky!


And Etta! Here she is dressed as a tick.    Etta is a hunting dog.


Oh, and Black Beauty Princess Dog. (who is just a sweet dog)


Shilo doesn’t play much.  Shilo is always business.  She is the head hunting dog.




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Summer Work

Golly Geez, this summer work fun!

This is my second summer here and I love every second of it.

We do ‘stuff’ all the time!  ALL THE TIME!!!

Well, I know we do things in the winter, but this is just so much better!

For Instance—-

We, meaning Mom, Fuzzy and I, went down to Shannon’s to work in her yard.  Shannon was building some raised beds so Mom went down to help her and to put the soil in the beds while Shannon went to work.

I played with Rock, Balou, and Houston in their yard and Fuzzy stayed out and helped Mom.  Mom made me stay in the yard because it has a fence and I have a great curiosity to smell lots of things so she put me in the yard with the others so we could play.

Shannon’s cats helped Mom.

Sunny hung around the old stump where some dried catnip was…he sure likes catnip…rolls in it and eats it and everything.  I took a huge sniff of the stuff….it only made me sneeze, so I don’t get the fascination.

Willow just lay down by Mom and Fuzzy he doesn’t get that catnip stuff either.  What he likes is to just be next to people so he can get a pet and a rub now and again.

That was cool….we were there for 2 ½ hours.

Then when we got home we went to the pinto bean field to change the water…I always like that!

Mom tells me I can play around the area, but if I hear the four-wheeler start I had better be back as fast as my legs can take me —  if I want a ride home.

There were a couple of little girls out in the field with us, so that means Hank was with them…we sniffed around lots of stuff, then I headed off to the equipment area, and Hank hung with the folks looking for mice.  Fuzzy stayed right with Mom and helped her chase water.

I was a little slow getting back to the four-wheeler so I ran in right behind them…well, not to ‘right behind’, but really close.

Then later on Hank (he’s in the photo with the others in the truck) came over to build bottle rockets with Dad (Grandpa).  He walked over with his family.  They walk down the bottom of the bean field, and then up the side between the bean field and the corn field…..it’s a short cut they like to take to get from their house to our house.

Hank and I played run, and chase until we got too hot and tired.

Sammy hung out with us

But Monkey spent most of her time trying to get back inside so she could lay around on the carpet.

Mom told Monkey she could be outside with the family, it was good for her.  She didn’t listen.

After that Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I went back out to set the water for the night.

The sunset was really cool.

I stayed right with everyone so I could ride the four-wheeler back in.  I was a little tired after all the running I did today.

I sure enjoyed this day…Good night everyone!