The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— My Ordinary Day

Nothing much is happening here.  No adventures, no real worries, nothing that a good beagle can’t deal with.


Just Ordinary Days.

We like ordinary days.

Ordinary days…don’t have big problems to solve,

Or scary coyotes to deal with,

Or something hard to handle.

They just have the ordinary things to do:

Go with Mom and do whatever she is doing.  Which means I follow behind and sit and watch Mom, while she does what she does

Or I sniff around getting the news, while mom does whatever she does

Anytime Mom gets on the four-wheeler I’m right there to go with her, all wadded up on the back seat with my body touching her body so she knows I’m safe.

Sometimes I sit up straight and help Mom drive…I lend her my nose so she can go where the best smells are.

Then when she is ‘doing’ something out on the farm, I take off and check out all the happenings going on from the last time I was up there two hours ago.

Sometimes I scare up a pheasant or two

Sometimes some Quail, or rabbits. Or the summer geese.  But I never chase any of them.  Mom say’s I’m a strange beagle, beagle usually like to hunt animals.

Well, not this beagle.  I just like to gather news.

Once Mom left me up at the Upper End (because I didn’t want to go back home just then).

It was HOT walking all the way back home.  I need to remind myself when Mom calls and I hear the four-wheeler start…I NEED to get back to Mom.  The walk home this time of year is long and hot!

But the most wondrous time of ‘just ordinary days’

is when the UPS driver comes down the long lane to our farm house!

That is the best barking joy I can ever think of! (and if it’s the nice UPS driver, I always get a treat!)


22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— My Ordinary Day

  1. While it’s sure exciting to go with you on your Sherlock Boomer adventures, it’s also really nice to just enjoy hanging out for the day :-).


  2. Smoky and I like ordinary days too. He’s gotten to be quite the champion sleeper, naps rule when you’re a 14 1/2 years old dog. Enjoy the ordinary days and the better weather.


  3. Why does Rhody not only want to play with the skunk, but get so happy when he gets skunked? He eventually comes in and brags about it and wants to share it with everyone.


  4. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes i agree i like ordinary days too espeshly ordinary days wen mama duznt hav to wurk and i can spend the day following her arownd wen she putters in the howse and yard!!! and wow yoo hav got a yoo pee ess driver wot givs yoo treets??? kleerly the yoo pee ess owt heer needs to do sumthing to attrakt a better klass of employee!!! ok bye


    • I’m really glad Mom is home all the time now. I’m like you, I like following Mom around all the time. And now that I’m old…I like to sleep where ever Mom is working. You hang in there, Dennis. Mom and I enjoy reading your blog! Boomer


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