Very Late with my Post today—-Thursday, June 7, 2018

I’m very late today because Terry and I spent the whole morning in the Emergency room at the Delta Hospital, yesterday—-I know that isn’t today.  But YESTERDAY set me back today! 🙂

You see yesterday Terry hurt his foot so right after he and I (he supervised) got the irrigation done and he rested his foot for a spell. (and I posted to my blog.)

He felt like we should go to the hospital and get his foot examined.

So off we went, got checked in and then waited.  For two hours.  Then it was our turn…really Terry’s turn.

After blood work and Xrays and lots of other things…we were sent off to get a prescription (by now it was noon and over three hours later.)

I took the prescription to Wal Mart…took us to eat, then went back to Wal Mart (one hour later) got the prescription… (for pain and swelling) Making it five hours from when we walked into the hospital.

Took us back home, where I collapsed into a very deep nap.

Got up helped Terry around. Then headed out and checked the rows—water is short now, so we MUST keep checking and making sure the water is going down the furrows not stopped somewhere along the way or plugged up from some weed or something.

Came back (it was so hot, Boomer wouldn’t go with me 🙂  ) and worked in my yard.  I can finally say I have the whole yard weeded!  It won’t last, but at this moment I am weed free.  Tomorrow I won’t be able to say that! 🙂

Then it was suppertime, and time to change the water again.  Terry felt good enough to go with me and hang out while we move water.

Today, Terry is much better.  Can walk some on his foot, but still must keep it elevated and iced. And he was able to walk a short ways moving the dams.

So life is getting better again.  We are on the way back to good health, the water is going down the furrows, the crops are growing, my yard is full of late Spring blooms, gradually fading into Early Summer flowers.

It’s hot here 97* yesterday (36c), WHICH I LOVE!!!

Everything is full of peace!

Life is good!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



56 thoughts on “Very Late with my Post today—-Thursday, June 7, 2018

  1. Oh MY Goodness- If it’s not one thing it is another. Glad Terry is ok and that life will get back to normal—whatever that is. Peonies are beautiful as is everything else. Weeding argggggg!


  2. Hope Terry’s foot is OK, sounds like a bad sprain…takes a week or two. Your the real farm girl – doing all the irrigating!


  3. Glad Terry got checked out and is doing better today. Your flower garden is beautiful. You have so many different flowers. I see your hollyhocks are growing. Mine are too.


  4. What a busy lady you are. Hope Terry’s foot gets better soon. Those are some wonderful flowers! You are ahead of me. I have lots of flower bed weeding to do yet.


  5. Your yard is looking awesome – beautiful flowers! (deer ate all of mine yesterday)
    So sorry to hear about Terry’s foot. Dang, er’s are never fun. Do heal up well, Terry, and rest up! )))hugs(((


  6. Oh, I’m so sorry about Terry’s foot! Doesn’t it make you furious to sit so long for antibiotics!!! I know you are grateful that it isn’t major, but they could at least have thrown a fancy named syndrome to make you feel like it was worth the effort!!!

    Do you have any “urgent care facilities” close by as they are cheaper and faster than an emergency room.

    So glad it wasn’t worse.

    Go take another nap.



    • Hi, Katie. We could have gone to Urgent Care, but they don’t have a way to do blood draws or xrays here and just send everyone on over the the hospital. SOOOOOOO I talked him into the emergency room. In spite of the long wait, it was worth it.
      Thank you!


  7. I hope Terry takes it easy so his foot can heal! Yes those hospital visits take all day 🙂 Your flowers sure are pretty! Did Terry drop something on his foot? Oh I like the 70’s better than the 90’s…but you have a dry heat:)


  8. Prayers for you all. We had that heat last week in Minnesota 101 here in Southern Minnesota. Our Lilacs were gone in a few days. Thankful all is well now, drink lots of water. and rest…when you can The flowers are your beautiful enchanting… Love Merri


  9. Hope that foot improves quickly. Nothing worse than the “hobbling stunt:” which isn’t a stunt at all.
    I would love to have your nice hit weather. Not so hot by far here – only 20c today – overcast and raining now for a bloody week the on and off stuff!!!!!
    Just wish it would rain more inland for the farming fraternity.

    Your garden certainly is a credit to your efforts.


  10. sure hope that Terry’s foot will be good as new before too long. You have just gorgeous flowers all over your yard. Irises, peonies, roses, wow. I’m so jealous. And you like the hot weather!!! Well I like it until about 80 degrees and then I melt. Yes, you truly are a summer girl! Enjoy it while it lasts, but hope you get some rain from heaven along with the heat!


  11. exceptin’ the medical inconvenience(s) — yeah: i’m already tired of “having to” (the plants say we HAVE TO) lug hoses and water and re-water, rinse, repeat much of the day. like at your house, temps are approaching 100 … NO WEEDS?! THAT’ll never happen — here.


  12. That blows to be held up by injury. Several of the men I work with at one of my jobs have been succumbing to exhaustion of all things! They are embarrassed by it, but it happens when we work as hard as we do this time of year. Sadly, working so hard ends up taking some of us out so that in the end, we accomplish only as much as we would have if we had not worn ourselves out. I wear myself out worrying about some of them, so I try not to. We all compensate for each other, even though we all do very different kinds of work.


  13. If it’s not one foot, it’s the other. ;( I’m sorry he hurt his foot and know you are good to step in and carry the extra load for a little bit. You two make a good team. The hospital emergency room should get a new name because no one seems to be in any hurry.


  14. Hi Linda .. gosh sorry to hear about Terry’s foot. I do hope it improves quickly. Your garden looks super .. isn’t it great when the weeding is done. And your roses … wow ours get black spot on the leaves, thanks to our humid climate. Ah Boomer taking it easy .. give that boy a pat from me 🙂


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