Silvering the Land—-Sunday, June 24, 2018

The almost full moon was lovely last night.  Casting silver light everywhere

After we went for a wee ride

Sat the last tube in the furrow, we went in for the short summer rest, which seems to occur this time of year.

Later, much later, feeling restless Boomer, Mindy and I went for a short walk.  I don’t like to travel too far when I have the cat trailing behind, or bouncing ahead, or running and hiding in the corn stalks.

It was a good thing I was still close to home just by the hay stackyard, when instinct, that voice of God, which we often ignore

Said, ”shhhhhhh.  Stop, go back, hurry, grab the cat, and get over next to the barn.”

Which I listened to and followed exactly to the letter.

The light from the moon shining brightly on a lone coyote rushing through the shadows which haunt the darkness.

We headed back carefully…through the old corrals, cat in arms, Boomer at my feet, until safe in the farmyard, where we all went into the house for a short summer nap.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



23 thoughts on “Silvering the Land—-Sunday, June 24, 2018

  1. I’ve learned to always listen to the silent voice in my head, exactly too. So glad you did. That moon shines in my bedroom window at a certain time of the night and it was quite lovely last night.


  2. When we get in late in the evening, Rhody gets leashed so that he does not romp off to play with the skunk that teases him. There are others out there who I do not see. I actually do not see the skunk, but can hear it squeaking as it bounds about teasing Rhody.


  3. Good for you, Linda. We don’t often listen to that wise voice in our heads that steers us clear of trouble. I’m so glad you listened and acted on it. God Bless You.


  4. They can be scarey. Glad you made it back ok. I’ve seen more around here and so want to go protect the baby antelope – like I could get close….


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