Something Sweet and Fragile —- Monday, June 25, 2018

We have this darling little nest out in the tractor shed….where one set of hatchlings have already occurred

There are three nests there, but only one female sitting.  No true leisure for her.

Then letting the hen out of the hen house yesterday morning, I realized I had somehow trapped a hummingbird in with the hen overnight.

Well, that’s not a good thing I thought to myself.

Then later on in the afternoon, while laying fresh bedding down, a hummingbird buzzed my head…in the chicken house!

Non-plussed I wondered…what is going on here?!

Looking around to see what would be the attraction of little hummer to a chicken house

I found…

 Another solid little nest, complete with a tiny graceful female hummingbird.

Now the paradox has begun

How to keep the chicken safe from predators at night, allow the hummingbird to feed as long as possible (they feed until dark) and get out early enough (they start feeding at first light) and keep the hen safe.

So at first light, I rush out to the hen house, open the door.  Then at the very tail end of last light, I shut the door, even though the hen has been abed for a little while.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





43 thoughts on “Something Sweet and Fragile —- Monday, June 25, 2018

    • I wish there were. The hen is great friends with Boomer so they hang together most of the day. It’s the early morning late evening thing that I will have to work on.


  1. Oh goodness; of all places to build their nest!
    Someday, I will write about all the birds that used to nest inside my home in town. I hate screens, but birds could be a problem without them. I still can not understand why they wanted to live inside the house rather than outside. It really seemed unnatural.


  2. Whew. Good job Linda. Hope those little nestlings flit away soon so you don’t have to keep this routine up for very long. How smart of you to figure this all out!


  3. I understand your dilemma completely… I was always adjusting our life to the nesting birds in our last house… here in the forest it’s different…keep us posted, won’t you XXXXX


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