A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On—Chapter Two, Friday, November 13, 2020

Chapter Two

“Stewart!  STEWART!!!”  Stanley yelled as he scampered all over the large logs.



“WHAT?!?  Geez, what could be so important to take me away from a yummy pile of peanuts?”

Stewart looked up to see Stanley barreling toward him.


“Stewart, O! Stewart, something so sad and terrible has happened, I’m finding it hard to know what to do.” Stanley wailed.

“WHAT is IT, Stanley!  I can’t help you if you don’t calm down enough to tell me what is going on.”


“Oh, Stewart!  Boomer has left all of us and gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  He is GONE! Never to take us for rides around the farm again.  O!, Stewart, I am so sad.  He was a good friend to us.”  With that Stanley let two great big tears roll down his little squirrel cheeks.

Stewart was just in mid-chew, of a delicious peanut Mom had put out as a fun snack for him and Stanley.

“NO! NO! I didn’t even know Boomer was sick!  He didn’t tell us.  He didn’t let us know!” Stewart responded in shock.

“Mindy Cat told me just a few minutes ago.  Boomer is gone, traveling around with Fuzzy now doing all sorts of stuff without us. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOMER!” Stanley wailed.


The two little squirrel brothers sat there; heads hung low; hearts heavy.

“Well, what do we do now,” Stanley asked after a very long moment of silence.

“I think we had better go find Chip and let him know.  Chip enjoyed Boomer.  And Mrs. Bunny.”

“Oh, YES!  Mrs. Bunny.”

“Okay, let’s move on down the equipment line and see if we can find Chip or Mrs. Bunny.” Stewart headed toward the end of the log gathering himself to jump onto the hay hauling trailer.

“MINDY!” Stewart stopped.  “Hey, Mindy, have you seen Chip or Mrs. Bunny?”  Stewart inquired.

“Chip?  Mrs. Bunny?” I stopped my pursuit on the trailer;  following the scent of several mice, you see, yummm—

a Momma mouse and her bazillion little ones.


“Actually, No.  I haven’t really been looking for them.” I replied. “Maybe you can go check on the grain head or down by the roller, or under one of the combines.  I’ve seen each of them there at different times of the day. Or you might go over to the stacked wood by the chicken house, sometimes they are over there.”  I gave them all a small wave and headed on about my business.

“Okay,” Stewart and Stanley replied in unison…off we go—first let’s do the equipment area, there is always yummy corn kernels by the combines and other types of goodies.”

“CHIP!  CHIPPPP!”  We yelled as loud as our squirrel voice could yell—“CHIP WHERE ARE YOU!”

“Boys! Why are you screaming so loud?”  Mrs. Bunny came hopping from the, now harvested cornfield.  If you don’t keep your voices down you could call in the


or that Hawk pair who have decided they live on our farm.” Mrs. Bunny admonished Stewart and Stanley.

“We are looking for Chip”, Stewart explained to Mrs. Bunny.

“And YOU!”  Stanley chattered in.

Suddenly a brown ball of fur zipped right into our midst, running right into Stanley and bowling him over.

“I AM HERE! IAMHERE!”  Chip chattered.  “I’m HERE!”

‘Oh, good,” Stewart replied, helping Stanley up and dusting Stanley off. “We have some very sad news to tell you.”

“SAD!” Mrs. Bunny and Chip exclaimed at the very same time.

“Yes”, Stanley replied. “Mindy cat just told us that Boomer, our Buddy, has left the farm to live over-the Rainbow-Bridge.  Boomer is no longer here to protect and take care of us.”  Stanley burst out in tears, all over again.

There was stunned silence from Chip and Mrs. Bunny.

“Oh, Boomer,” Mrs. Bunny sadly said.  “Oh, Boomer.  Thank you for being our friend. Run free.” Mrs. Bunny pronounced to the Sky. “Run free.”


“Well, no, none of us did”, chattered Stewart.  But Mindy told him good-bye and said she would let all his friends know.”

“Mindy.  Oh. Good.’  Mrs. Bunny calmy uttered.

“Then we don’t have to let Freddy, his Mom (shudder)

or those very large and noisy raccoons know.

Mindy can do it.”

“Hummm, Chip squeaked… “I wonder where Mindy is now, and what she is doing.”

“I would imagine she is looking for Boomer’s friends to let them know…she has a big job now.  Telling the farm our most wonderful dog friend is over the rainbow bridge.”  Mrs. Rabbit turned and bounced back into the cornfield.

Chip looked at us, gave a little hand-wave, and said: “Let’s go eat peanuts.”

So, we all ran back to the logs and the nice treats Mom had put there for us.

After my mouse snack, I decided it was time to move on.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— A Visit with Friends

Mom and I headed over to the other equipment area to ‘do some work’.  Mom goes over with Dad to help Dad do something hard…like change out a fuel pump, work on the chain on the pickup header, you know ‘stuff’; things I don’t have to do EVER!

So, while they were working, I took myself off to see what I could see, learn what I could learn, and find out all the news on that part of the farm.

I was sniffing along

when suddenly from out of no-where came Quade’s wife Quick and all the little Quails…cheeping and chirping as they scuttled along…they came so very fast and in such a large group I nearly jumped out of my dog fur!

As they scuttled away Quade appeared.

Quade and I visited for a spell, then he was off…he didn’t want Quick to get too far out of his sight.

Closer to the old (filled in) ensilage pit I ran into Stewart and Stanley.

They chattered with me for a long time, but I found listening to them rather hard…full cheeks and communication do NOT make good partners….

Stewart kept spitting little chunks as he talked…kinda interesting and gross all at the same time.

I had headed over to the little asparagus patch, down the tiny draw there when I hear the high-pitched whistle of …. HAWK!

I jerked my head up to look into the branches of the very ancient willow tree and saw….a wind-blow hawk surveying the place where Quade and his little family had just vacated.

I raced back up the small rise in the land, ran over to Mom, turned around and, raised my right front paw, straightened out my whole body so I was an arrow from the tip of my nose to the tip of the tail, lifted my head up and HOWLED!!!  Pointing with all my might at the tip of the old Willow tree and the hawk!

Mom and Dad stopped whatever they were doing looked at me, looked at where I was pointing and saw that hawk surveying the farm for lunch!

“Good Job, Boomer!”  Mom came over to where I was standing, took out her camera and took several photos of the hawk.  Just as she finished the hawk took off; flying up high into the sky, then way over onto the back of the farm on the Back Forty…a long way from where Stewart, Stanley, Quade, and the chipmunks live. Thank Goodness!

Mom and Dad did a little bit more of whatever they were doing.

Then Mom called me and put me on the four-wheeler, gave me a pat and a kiss on the nose; we were off.


Heading home

where Mindy Cat is safe from the likes of at big bird predator in the sky.

And Mom and Dad and I can do ‘stuff’ around the farmyard, instead.

Boomer Beaglie Brown




Who Said Chipmunks Were Cute? —- Thursday, August 16, 2018

I mean after all Stewart and I

Are most darling little squirrels

Anyone could ask for.

Just ask Boomer.  We help him lots and lots of times!

Stewart and Stanley Squirrel

Your friend(s) on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Guard Duty

I was sleeping resting my eyes one miserably hot afternoon, when the back door opened and Dad came out heading toward the machine shed.  I really didn’t think much of Dad coming out the back door and going someplace.  He is always doing something along those lines.

I was gradually letting my eyes fall back into sleep  to rest once more, when the back door opened back up again…HUH?! Did I miss something? Did Dad sneak past me and go Back Inside?!  I jerked myself awake to a sitting position. (I was sleeping on the futon in the shade, just so you know.)

Nope I didn’t miss anything!  It was Mom.  She was out of her work clothes and into her go to town jeans…I thumped my tail with joy, on the seat of the futon, then jumped down a HUGE doggy smile on my face, my back end going fifty miles an hour.

Mom bent down and gave me a kiss on my doggie nose and a nice rub down on my back…I quickly flipped over so she could give me tummy rubs.

“Not now, Boom, Dad and I are heading to town.  You guard the place while we are gone.”  With those parting words she got into her car, turned the motor on and backed up to the machine shed, where Dad was just locking up the door.

By this time I had gotten up and walked to the end of the sidewalk. Yep, Dad got in and they drove off.

Well, I guess the place is mine now, I thought to myself.

Heading toward my dog house a brown streak of something went right in front of me so fast I couldn’t even process what I was seeing.  Whatever it was went so fast I couldn’t even SMELL what was going by me.  While whatever that was t was running by my face something ran right by my backside and hit my tail as it went by.


I spun around trying to see what whipped my tail so hard. Then I spun back around…and saw “Stanley and Stewart!!!  The Squirrel brothers!


“Hey, Boomer!  Let’s play hide and seek…We will hide and you can seek!”

With that they were off in two puffs of dust, one puff per squirrel.  I gave myself two seconds to decide if I wanted to play or not.  “You bet”, I bayed and we were off!

I chased those squirrels clear over to the Butler Grain bins, past the roller and the pile of plastic pipes.  They chittered and chirped at me from several vantage points…the top of the tallest grain bin, then they scampered down to the roller and pranced all over to the top of it… (I almost got them at that point)….then they danced themselves right into the gated pipe that was in the middle of the pile of Dad’s transmission pipes he saves, in case one of the pipe in the field cracks or something.

Poking my head into the pipe I let out a volley of barks at them…LOUDS ONES!  They just stood way back in the dark of the pipe and laughed at me.

After a while I got tired of seeking, my voice was getting dim and my throat sore so I turned around and just left.

It was a good thing too.  Turning away from the pipes I could hear a car coming down the long, long lane…scampering off to bark whomever it was into the drive way, I raised my fur on my back and got a mean look on my face…let the trespassers come…I’m ready to guard the place.

I drew on all the courage of my mighty beagle self and barked up a storm! If Mom and Dad want me to guard the place, then I’m going to do it!  I gave deep ferocious barks and ran right toward the bridge, the hair on my back standing tall.


It’s Mom and Dad.

I joyfully followed them into the carport.

Hum, I wonder if they brought me something. I ran to the driver’s side with a huge smile on my face, my tail wagging in anticipation!

Nope, just a pat on the back, a ‘good job, Boomie’, then they were in the house.


Oh, here they are again.  That didn’t take long.  “Come on, Boomer! Let’s go.  Time to irrigate!”

Hey, now that’s more like it…Boomer … Go … Irrigate!

YES!  Works for me!


Boomer the Beagle—bestest Guard Dog irrigator in the world.