This One is About the Birds—-Tuesday, April 23, 2019

On my walk, last evening three cranes settled down.  They seem to have decided to stay here instead of migrating.

Works for me!

The crows are working the farm over for something to eat

They are hard to photograph as they scatter quicklyy

Yesterday was lovely and warm so I put out two hummingbird feeders

Within twenty minutes I had a little Blackchin male followed quickly by his mate. (The photo is terrible; they were very shy and I couldn’t get a good shot)

As the evening started to fall down upon the earth the little birds took to their nighttime perch.  For some reason, they have roosted here all fall, winter and they are still roosting in the large rose bush.

As the night grows darker they flutter way deep inside.


This morning on the way to the headgate

a pheasant took off in front of us

And joyfully, joyfully…the last of the birds has arrived!  The Barn Swallows!

We are on our way to much warmer weather!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


18 thoughts on “This One is About the Birds—-Tuesday, April 23, 2019

  1. You have likely heard about the swallows that return to San Juan Capristano. Well, a few days later, they arrive in San Luis Obispo, and a few days after that, a few get this far. I am glad that there are only a few. Their mud nests are tucked up under the eaves in some of the weirdest spots. They like to build their nests on freeway overpasses on Highway 5 through the San Joaquin Valley. After the swallows move out, the nests eventually fall onto traffic below. It is hard to be angry at them though, when they peek their cute faces out of their weird nests.


      • Some of them live at work, but there are not too many. Because they live in dry places, the mud does not hurt the buildings any more than getting them dirty. We can not let them build nests over places where there is traffic though, like eaves over walkways outside some of the conference rooms. When the weather gets warm and humid, they eat the insects that come out, including mosquitoes that are out during the day. Although I don’t know, I believe that they eat the termites when they fly too new places, even if they can not get them all. They are like bats that are active during the day, and eating the insects that are active during the day.


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