Off on an Adventure Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve


We all made it home.

To MY home.

Momma Deer, King, Kit, and the raccoons. Oreo didn’t want to come, which, probably was a good thing.

(You understand…that nervous lifting of his tail, just might, MIGHT, make for some not pleasant adventures at our farmhouse.)

Mindy met us at the grain bins.  She was very surprised to see the ‘whole gang’ arrive.

She hissed and meowed and ran off the moment she saw Kit.

The Raccoons were delighted to find all the apricots

just lying around for the eating.

Momma and King settled right in on my Mom’s yard

munching along on fun new tastes.

Kit started hunting in Mindy hunting spots for mice,

so Mindy took off.  She said Kit can have the haystack area, she will take the gardens.

So, there you have it.

The end of my adventure at a very elderly age.

Home again, Home again.


Boomer Beaglie a.k.a. Sherlock Brown



16 thoughts on “Off on an Adventure Chapter Twelve

  1. Glad you made it back home and brought everyone with you! Mom will enjoy seeing everyone ~
    And Boomer, age is but a number – you are doing great my puppy friend!


  2. So glad to see Mindy again. I was wondering about her.
    Boomer, so glad that you can still get out and about your age. BE CAREFUL!

    Aunt Katie


    • Everyone home and safe. I am a little concerned Mom won’t like all my friends, but, maybe, if the deer don’t eat her flowers and the raccoons and Kit don’t eat the chickens she will be okay with everyone. Boomer


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