Grocery Shopping — Thursday, June 25, 2020

I have been fixing food for years now.  Lots and lots and lots of years

When I was very young I delighted in cooking. ‘Helping’ my Momma or one of my Grandmothers.

Then as a young wife, the excitement of creating food for my husband

Was an adventure (and an eating challenge, to say the least)

So time goes on, many trips to the grocery store occur, lots of meals prepared and eaten until we reach today

I think my whole life has been made up of food:

  • Thinking about food
  • Read books about food
  • Hunting a.k.a. grocery buy—- for food
  • Making food
  • Going to an eating place to order food
  • Waiting for people to bring me/us food
  • Talking with others about food

And now TODAY (while shopping) questioning the lack of food

To be honest with you, I’m tired of the subject of food.


From my heart to your world,





20 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping — Thursday, June 25, 2020

  1. I can totally relate to this. It’s the heart of our survival, so no wonder it consumes so much of our thought and time. You left something out of your list though: You and Terry actually cultivate food so others can eat. So your life really is, very importantly, about food.

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  2. OK, then, I won’t mention the home-made pulled pork, apple coleslaw and baked potato we’ve just finished eating… Sounds to me like you need a week or two when someone else does ALL the catering.

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  3. AMEN SISTER! I have been cooking for more than 70 years, and I’m SICK of it. It is wonderful to know another good wife, and Mother, and committed to her family cook is tired of it also.. Makes me feel better. Hang in there, especially in these times. The food we cook is even more important than usual. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.



  4. Lovely bird photos. We have the same one’s here I think they’re Bullocks Oriole, but they are so shy and fast I haven’t been able to get a photo. You most have them tamed.


  5. I wasn’t a cook until the last six years. I did a lot of baking back in the middle 2000s. Before that, I existed on fast food and frozen dinners (or canned goods).

    As I have aged, I have changed my diet for health reasons and took up cooking to feed me an Ken.

    The shortages are concerning…very concerning. And, I only see this getting worse. Do you have a veggie garden?


  6. The shortages are concerning for me too. Wish I had a bigger deep freeze! Meat has gone way up in price. But the local Butcher Shop has lots of meat!
    I found that making bigger meals and freezing individual portions really helped my cooking dulldrums. We make Chili, soups and chicken dishes to freeze up. At least once a week the menu says freezer…it is like a night off! I make menus two weeks ahead of time now to be flexible with the what you order is not always what you get shopping. Hang in there!


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