Thank You, Everyone—Sunday, October 25, 2020

The people who reach the end of their days must leave others who have to live out their days without them. Fredrik Backman—My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

All your kind thoughts and words have made the passing of my darling little beagle easier.

I found another heart-shaped rock.

I was taking down the dog houses and putting them away in one of the grain bins, tears in my eyes, missing that little dog who would have been right by my side as I worked,

When I saw the tiny little heart.

Then Helen Walsh, who lives in Dingwall, Scotland, Sent me a lovely rainbow!

You are (all) so right!


Boomer is ever so much better, now, there is no pain,

and he is with Fuzzy! (They are bestest friends forever—they tell me that ALL the time!)

Life goes on.

It has to.

If anyone would like to give a donation to an animal charity in Boomer’s name (You DO NOT HAVE TO, only if you want too)

I donated to Β Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary 42528 Needle Rock Rd. Crawford, CO 81415 in memory of Boomer.

Or send one to your favorite animal shelter, there is such a need out there.

From my heart, in great thanks for each and every one of you, to your heart,






25 thoughts on “Thank You, Everyone—Sunday, October 25, 2020

  1. You are so right. There is a tremendous need. Many animals who were adopted during the lockdown have been returned. Other animals were not spayed so shelters are overrun with babies. And , of course, there are many pets that families cannot afford to keep. A donation in Boomer’s name would help and be a nice tribute to him.

    TLC, Hugs, and Courage.




  2. Oh, Linda, those of us who have lost fur babies know that sad, lonely feeling. We give them all our love and they return it to us 100 fold, unconditionally. i am thinking of you and sending you warm hugs.

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  3. Heart rocks and rainbows all comfort messages for you! I am certain our most loved four legged friends would stay with us forever if given the choice. Their little bodies wear out too soon. Sending you a hug:)


  4. I am so sorry to hear of Boomers passing. I had tears in my eyes as you wrote the beautiful tribute to a very special little guy. I looked forward to Fridays, when the adventures would keep me smiling, and sometimes laughing, as that funny little Beagle squirmed his way into your readers hearts. Boomer, you will never have anymore pain, and will be able to run with all the friends you knew here on Earth. We love you, and will never forget you. God bless all on the farm in Colorado.

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  5. Bless you Linda…..what a lovely idea to give a donation in honor of your Boomie! I will have to do that to honor your sweet pup! Take the days, one at a time, and always remember what a lovely life you gave to that sweet creature. I know he felt the love BIG TIME!


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