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My name is Linda Brown. I live on a farm on the western slope of Colorado, in the high mountain desert. I’ve lived here all my life, hailing back four generations on my father’s side. Today I blog about our farm, the everyday activities that keep the farm going. I also write about my thoughts and dreams and goals. On Friday’s I always write about our two farm dogs (Fuzzy (now over the rainbow bridge) and Boomer) and their take of their life on our farm. The lovely thing about blogging it opens the world up for all of us to reach out and meet people from many different cultures and different ways of life. You can find me every day (but Saturday) at https://coloradofarmlife.wordpress.com/ Your Friend on a Western Colorado Farm, Linda Brown

After the Work is Dancing — Sunday, April 7, 2019

Terry and I are very content with how this spot is starting to look.  After we grind down the stump, then I will plant grass.  In time, we will put up a fence, maybe a white picket fence.

Keeping this one is good

And getting this one with the new sturdy railroad ties this area will be much easier to take care of.

Now!  The spot that has me confounded.  If I didn’t have grass growing in it, then I would like it.  But I do have grass and

THAT is the problem.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— This is Not Good! Not Good at ALL!

“Hey, Boomer!”  Houston barked at me.  “You have a HUGE problem, did you know?”

I hurried to where Houston (Houston is my dog cousin who comes to visit once in a while.  She lives in Alamosa, Colorado most of the time.)

was sniffing here and there up and down the long, long lane to our farm.

“Oh! Yes, I know.  Mom and Dad also know.


FEMALE coyote.  Mom is very concerned.”  I explained to Houston.

“Well, you also have raccoons,” Houston announced.

“Yes, we know,” I replied

“And a fox.  I think it might be Kit, but I don’t really know.”

“You have a huge problem, Boomer…just huge.”

Houston kept on sniffing around here and there.

“And Mom really doesn’t know what to do about it.  She can figure out the raccoons and the fox, but the coyote is a whole different thing.  And a female coyote, which means she probably has a litter of pups somewhere close by and that means a huge need for FOOD!”

So, for now, Mom makes Mindy and I stay inside at night ALL NIGHT LONG and has turned the chicken house into a fort until the whole predator thing (meaning the female coyote) is solved she said we can’t go outside at night.

Until then…

Mindy and I stay inside at night.


Each and Every Day —- Thursday, April 4, 2019

In the coolness of an early Spring day

The work begins in earnest

But that is fine with us

At our ages, it takes courage to get up and go

But we do, enjoying the shadows of the liquid golden sun

The immensity of the sky and earth, a gusty wind, clouds flurried in the air

Each hour action packed

Then once more back to evening, whereby we silently give Thanks for another wondrous day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Gossamer as Cobwebs — Wednesday, April 3, 2019

That lovely beautiful sky

The air so full of colors

Always changing with a hush of sound

Melting into one thing then another

The beauty murmuring to each of our hearts

Yet so often we forget to see the dance

Right there before us, if we just open our eyes!

From my world to your heart,



My Dog Cousins—Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My dog cousins get to go on really cool long walks and runs when my oldest sister and Jason go for horseback rides.  They tell me they even get to sing at the top of their voices, because the wind, the sunlight, and trees love to hear hounds singing in the woods!

The ride in the tack room of the trailer is ever so comforting and restful.

I’ve gotten to go a couple of times and boy is it so much FUN!

Boomer Beaglie on a TUESDAY!  Can you believe THAT!




Exquisite —- Monday, April 1, 2019

Capturing the flight of birds on camera

The feeling is one of excitement and anticipation

The birds probably are in a panic mode

But I do try to be careful

Slipping up to the feeders oh so gently

Carefully.  Making sure Boomer and Mindy are nowhere around.

Then snapping, snapping, snapping away.  Hurrying back into the house and to my computer,

Wondering if there are any good photos to share.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Discovering a Most Important Moment —- Sunday, March 31, 2019

We continued working in that unruly garden bed

Until we got down to just the large stump hiding in the old water tank

BUT!  Wait!  What is THAT!?!?!

Hopping along, in the turned over dirt,  was the FIRST ROBIN of SPRING!


Now when the Swallows appear we are fully back into the that shimmering, gossamer, gorgeous WARM time called SUMMER!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Mom Puts Her Foot Down

Mom was out picking up poop…. I know, I know…not a savory subject to talk about, but still.  Well, Poop Happens and since I’m a dog and, well, I think you understand.

So Mom was out going over the lawn with two plastic bags in her hand, she was holding a plastic bag and had her hand in a plastic bag; I watched her so I know.

Anyway up and down and back and forth she went bending over and scooping up then dropping into one bag, suddenly she stopped.

“Oh! No!” Mom exclaimed.

I rushed right over to where she stood and looked at POOP!

“Boomer, this is coyote poop and it’s right in the grass, right here on the lawn!” This is NOT a good thing!”

Mom continued on with her ‘duty’, then deposited the two white bags and headed into the house.

I waited outside on the sidewalk.

Then out came Dad and Mom.  Mom walked right over to the coyote poop and told Dad she was going to set up a game camera to see what is going on.

Dad agreed.

I wagged my tail.  I could tell her, but she wouldn’t understand what I was saying.

Mindy zipped over in her little Mindy cat dance, “What’s all the fuss, Boomer?”

“Coyote Poop.”

“Yeah, I know.  That’s why I don’t like hanging around outside in the dark too much anymore” Mindy replied to me.

“Let’s follow Mom and see what she is up to,”  I took off after Mom.

“Oh!  Game Camera!”

Mom put it on the long, long, lane and one looking at the lawn.

Then we waited.

Two days later Mom went out and got the camera, took it upstairs and

Yep.  Coyote.  Mindy and I knew that.

Then Mom set her foot down…will not really, she always sets her foot down when she walks,

but this time she told me “No running off, Boomer!  No adventures.  None!  And no sleeping outside, just because you want too.”

Then she looked very sternly at me “You understand, Boomer?”

I said I did, for you see I already knew.

It just took Mom a long time to figure out.

I looked at her and whapped the tip of my tail on the kitchen floor.  Little tiny whaps…just so she could understand, I understood, that if I stayed outside or ran off on an adventure Mom would not be happy with me.

So here we are…living in Coyote Country right in the yard.



I Pushed Through the Panic —- Thursday, March 28, 2019

I pushed through the panic and started the heavy lifting of the old railroad ties.  Terry came over with the four-wheeler and helped.  He on one end and I on the other.

We loaded the ties onto the four-wheeler and drove them over to the coral gardens, which I have decided to spruce up a wee bit also

Terry worked with me for a couple of hours; afterward leaving to go do some work at the Upper End.

I like the new look to the flowerbeds at the corral garden spot.  The old boards were starting to rot so repurposing the boards with the railroad ties will help keep everything going strong there.

Here you can compare…the new beds with the railroad ties and the two older beds.

I hope to get the two older beds freshened today.

We lifted and removed the ties.

Then later as I hauled soil to the repurposed beds and replanted my plants I looked carefully at what was happening!.

Seeing my garden beds with new eyes, so to speak.

And I LOVED it!

I will get everything out this bed and plant it all to grass.

The grass will be so much nicer to deal with!

Since I can’t figure out what to do with the bed where I keep all the bird feeders, I decided to take Janice Blawat’s, Emily Summer’s and  Sara’s advice.

I am going to plant a ground cover or herbs in the bed and hope they smother everything out!


I am moving forward!

Thank you each and everyone for the excellent advice and concern.  I will have to seriously look into a sprinkler system at some point.  Then my work will be shrunk to a more manageable size.  (I hope)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Something Greater than Myself —-Wednesday, March 27, 2019

As I was growing up I used to have dreams of what I would do as an adult, I’m sure all children do.

My dreams were actually very simple

I wanted to live on a farm and be a farm wife and work every day with my husband

I have actually been very blessed and got to achieve my goal.

Yesterday, we started hauling dirt.  You see the ditches sand-up and must be cleaned before the water comes in.

So that is what we did….10 dump loads of dirt.  Done by two o’clock in the afternoon

Then it was time to get back to work on down-sizing my yard.  I had good help.  Mindy Cat LOVES to ride in the wheelbarrow

And….although, he thought it was really rather hot, Boomer followed me back and forth, to and fro until he laid down in the shade and slept.

By dark, we were all tired, but a good feeling of accomplishment was had by all!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,