Wee Post about Dams —- Wednesday, April 22, 2020

For those who are interested, and have asked to know more; to understand our irrigation system

This is a wee blog post about the dams…see those straight lines in the cement ditch.  Those are wedge-shaped dams…blocking up the murmuring water so the siphon tubes can be dipped into the water and quickly flung over the side (going downhill) to start sucking out the water and into the fields.

Terry does a complicated sort-of insert on some of the dams (see the one closest to us) half tipped up straight, one side down crooked.  This allows the water to fill up and spill over so the next set of tubes has enough water to siphon.

As you can see we haven’t set the tubes closest to us yet.  We are waiting for the water to fill back up to the ‘wet’ line.  Then we will set the tubes

Here is the very last dam…we are allowing the aggressive water to flow over in a mini-waterfall

so the next field can have enough water we can set tubes in it.  You can see the dam way, way down there.  It will stop the water and start it to back up and start filling up the cement ditch

Once it gets full enough (and before it spills over the side) we will set the siphon tubes. The cornfields require two tubes per furrow, skipping a furrow,

while in the alfalfa we set one tube in each and every furrow

Each furrow must have the top dug out by hand so the tube can set in the perfect little slot and the water rushing and tumbling down the furrows STAYS IN the FURROW it’s supposed to be in.

Here you see the result—goals accomplished—in one of the corn fields. Water making it all the way to end and subbing across so everything is nice and wet.  Once this ground dries out to the proper moisture…Terry will plant corn.

There you have it… a tiny wee blog post about dams (and water, and furrows, and siphon tubes); the heartbeat of farming in the high mountain desert of western Colorado :)!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dear Diary

Dear Diary—

I finally have a few minutes to write a few notes to myself!  Boomer and I have been extremely busy this week.

The water is finally starting to work right.  It took a while.  The ground was so hard and dry and the air so full of hot wind and dirt, oh, yes, and the amount of irrigation water so slim, we had to go change water ALL the time.

But everything is coming together now.

Dad goes out and checks the water often, but we only have to CHANGE the water twice a day, which is normal.

That is because the ground FINALLY got wet.  That’s how Dad and Mom talk when they talk about the water…they say: something, something, something now that the ground is Finally wet.

Dad wastes nothing with the water. He sets up a series of dams so nothing is wasted.

The water at the end of the field goes off our farm and back into the canal so then next farm below us gets our water, it goes on like this clear to the Gunnison River.

Pretty cool!

Sometimes Hank goes with us; he likes to check the tubes for mice.

Boomer is off smelling the news somewhere….he reports back what he finds when we all get home.


Well, I help the folks out.

I stay right with Mom and make sure the water is the right height in the ditch, (I really like catching the water bubbles, but I don’t tell anyone, they would probably not let me get in the ditch if they knew)

I just jump right in and show them I’m good at irrigating.

Dad has cut baled and hauled hay.  The first customers came last night.

That is always cool…..we like to bark the customers into the yard, and then we like to lead them to the haystack with our barking signals—

Bark, bark, bark…THIS WAY—

COME ON–  We will show you!

Bark, Bark, Bark!!!

Boomer and I do a really good job of getting them to the hay yard.

By the time we get the truck and the trailer there and all backed up and lined up, Dad is ready to load.

We are a gooood TEAM!

Sometimes Hank and his family walk over in the evening.

Boomer is terrified of the goats!


Did I tell you he is terrified!

Boy is he ever!

Hank and I laugh at him.

Boomer doesn’t care…every time he gets around them one of them tries to butt him so he gets real nervous and barks at them.


Maybe I would be afraid also if they would try to butt me.

But they don’t.

I get that look on my face and I crouch down and slink close to the ground and they stop.

They look at me and I give a warning growl.

They walk off and I go my own way.

Bullies never like courage!

I tell Boomer to do that, but he says he just can’t.

One day going to town, we saw a devil – a dirt devil.

I thought it was pretty cool.

Boomer said he had never seen one!

Well, Diary.  There you have it.  Just another day on the farm!

Like I say…changing water is always the best part!


P.S.  Oh, yes!  My fur is starting to come back in.  I really like having fur.

P.P. S.S.  Mom says I have to go to the groomer again NEXT WEEK (SHUDDER) But she said I won’t get shaved.