Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is what we had yesterday!


Lovely!  I enjoyed every minute of it….I worked in the yard for four hours yesterday, it was so nice.  47*.

Terry finished up the ground work on the fields he is going to plant…next he will level the fields, then fertilize, mark out  and we are ready for to turn on the water.  They are still saying they will turn it on April 1st.  It takes a full week for the water to get to us, but when it does get here we will be ready! 🙂

The temps dropped to 15* last night, a huge warm-up from the night before!  It is predicted to get to 62* today with a low of 23*.

Unless something changes (where the weather is concerned it just might) we are on our way to settled weather!


Winter is Still Hanging Around

 Terry and Misty are taking what breaks they can and trying to get the farming done.

They finally finished leveling.

Misty finished marking out the alfalfa, while Tallen spent time with Grandpa.  They didn’t go to John Deere this time, but they did sit by the fire and read books.

Her rows are straight…that’s a big deal.  You don’t want to have someone drive by and make fun of your rows!

It’s raining and snowing and the wind is blowing. 


I’ve always heard if Easter is late, then Spring is late.  Sure is proving to be a truth!