Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We fought wind and dust all day long yesterday.  Sure was a mess!

And of course it had little bits of rain with it…nothing that does any good, just helps the blowing dirt stick to stuff.

Here is one of our windows to give you an idea…that isn’t rain, it’s dirt.


I went to bed thinking I will be glad when the weather settles and I can get the windows and screens washed.

This morning we woke up to this-


Yep!  And we still irrigate even though there is snow.

Terry and I were talking about those that have corn seed in the ground ready to ‘water-up’–sort of scary, because this type of moisture will cause the seed to swell and break out roots and a stalk, if the water doesn’t hit them at the right time the seed will die.

That is one reason we water the ground first, wait for it to dry to the right stage of moisture and then plant.

Everyone has their own theory and knows what works for them, but for us this is what and why we do what we do.

Also, this type of weather is a mess for those in the ‘prep’ stage of ground work.  You get the soil to the point of being a really nice sponge; it will act like a sponge.  In our clay type of soil sponges turn rock hard if you don’t get on it right at a certain point.

As in all things timing is everything.

There is an old saying: “As in gambling so is farming”  there just might be more than a grain of truth in it.

Well, moisture is moisture so we will just keep the fire going, the water flowing and know that someday, at some time, winter has just GOT to end!  🙂

Linda, from Canada sent me some bulbs of her Tarda Tulips, last year we were so dry they didn’t bloom, but this year they are lovely.


Of course they are covered up with snow right now, but the photos I got yesterday show you how beautiful they are


Spring time in the Rockies or is it still winter time?  Maybe a mix of both 🙂



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is what we had yesterday!


Lovely!  I enjoyed every minute of it….I worked in the yard for four hours yesterday, it was so nice.  47*.

Terry finished up the ground work on the fields he is going to plant…next he will level the fields, then fertilize, mark out  and we are ready for to turn on the water.  They are still saying they will turn it on April 1st.  It takes a full week for the water to get to us, but when it does get here we will be ready! 🙂

The temps dropped to 15* last night, a huge warm-up from the night before!  It is predicted to get to 62* today with a low of 23*.

Unless something changes (where the weather is concerned it just might) we are on our way to settled weather!