Finding Wings—-Sunday, December 8, 2018

While I was out collecting the firewood for the evening, I decided to take a walk first

Since the evening was coming on fast; long shadows stretching across the farm road

I knew if I were going to find things of interest I needed to be about it

The wind was rather sharp, but not strong or cutting, just brisk with a chill to it.

The sky was beautiful

Making my walk even more special

The colors swirling around me

On the way back to the farmyard, the woodpile and the warmth of the house…I saw a glittering little heart-shaped rock.

Giving joy to my soul and wings to the essence of myself!

From my world to your heart,



The Storm That Wasn’t –February 6, 2014

I had everything buttoned down and latched tight, three loads of wood sitting under the carport where it would stay dry, and nothing happened.


I’m not complaining.  I’m also glad to be ready than to not be ready.

It is snowing in the mountains, which is hand-clapping/jig-dancing good!

Terry talked to one of the water guys yesterday and he said there is enough snow at Taylor Reservoir to fill the reservoir when spring comes WITH 7 more feet besides. WONDERFUL!!    The next trick is for Mother Nature to dump enough snow in the Gunnison area to help bring up the Blue Mesa Reservoir to decent levels.

(While we are talking about water I really hope and pray that California starts to get water! I read where there is huge talk about not allowing farmers to have water to farm this coming year–instead sending all the water to the metropolis areas.  What a mess that is going to be…drinking water, but no food.  The price of food will skyrocket, farmers will go out of business, and land will sit idle allowing the soil to blow away!   I really hope that moisture comes soon for all of them!)

We are progressing here in the health department, the little goat is to have 8 shots, we are closing down on that number.  She always enjoys coming to me because  I have the graham crackers so giving the shot isn’t hard.  The little hen’s head is looking somewhat better. Her eye is starting to de-puff.  I saw a tiny crack of chicken eyeball looking at me as I applied her medicine today.  I was very concerned that the eye had been pecked out, but NO!  She still has her eye!


So slowly, slowly we are wending our way to health and toward spring.  I’m into the count down for March-twenty-two days left in February.  February always seems like a loooooooong month to me.  Thank Heaven’s its a short month!

Your farming friend,



Disaster in the Hen House

A nasty skunk got into the hen house last night and killed all but one of my wonderful hens!  I am so upset!  The hen is so upset!

I found where the skunk got in; he/she must have had to dig most of the night to enjoy this delicious meal of my hens!

Needless to say, we are setting live traps and the skunk, or skunks will have a new adventure in skunk heaven soon.

This is a necessity as we have 30 baby girl chicks coming Thursday, May 29th, and I don’t

want to lose them to wild life.