Fat Man’s Misery —- Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My oldest daughter took her dogs and went for a walk at the canyon a short ways from us

It one of those magic places where the gentlest of soughing winds play down the canyon floors

And graffiti is slashed and cut and painted onto the canyon walls

But in spite of the human’s destruction.  The area still feels like the desert faeries live there in the warm Earth and celebrate life.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Sounds Echo —- Monday, May 21, 2018

The sound of the tractor adds to the un-silence of the land.

Terry planted the pinto beans five days ago, and today he is Mormon Creasing the field.  By that he is taking taking the top off the row and smoothing out the top of the row so the little plants can work their way through a smaller amount of soil.

He also planted a new alfalfa field, which will make us two fields of alfalfa.  Although, the new field won’t be ready until next year.  There will be a possible cutting in September, but sometimes he doesn’t cut it; allowing the cows to graze it off instead.

This makes the whole farm in production. Finally.  Everything is some form of growth or another.

The irrigation water sparkles and splashing it’s way down each furrow cool and free.

Tomorrow or Wednesday (depending on the weather) it will be time to cut the alfalfa

next to our house.  Then the air will be scented with green alfalfa drying into lovely hay.

I will leave all the windows open in the house so the perfume fills our rooms and scents our sleep.

Busy times,

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Weekend Update—Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have returned!  What a glorious weekend…first day we celebrated Tallin’s 7th Birthday!  Everyone came and showered her with very fun things to make and ‘stuff’ to do AND a Diary with a Lock and TWO KEYS!  (Guess what she played with the most…the Lock and the two keys!  🙂

Today I was starting to clean up the house when I found the two keys places in a very safe spot, under a beautiful plastic heart.  Aren’t children fun?  I need to gather all things left behind and mail them to them.  The keys will be most missed, I’m sure she is frantic. 🙂

The next day (Sunday) we went to a Mardi Gras Party at our daughter and son-in-law’s in Grand Junction. There was tons of food, some ingredients they had shipped in just for the occasion–several different types of gumbos, budan, beans and rice, cray fish…I can’t even remember all the different dishes they had.

Monday it was pack up and leave time, BUT before we said good-bye everyone went to the Shannon’s Salon (also in Grand Junction) for hair cuts, colors and whole new looks for the coming spring.  I think the little family probably got back home to Craig, Colorado at 8 o’clock in the evening…a long day for them.


A cold front moved through yesterday, but we only received sprinkles and wind..Just enough wet to make the windows dirty!

Today I’m cleaning the house back up—you clean for the company then you clean after the company 🙂 –but everyone knows that.

Soon Terry and I will begin again on the winter farm projects–this time we will be hauling in dirt from one of the ‘settling ditches’ and building up our farm roads, dirt ditches and holes in the fields.  Farming will start around the 10th of March, if the weather holds,  so we must get the winter work finished.

I will be around soon to visit all of you!

Your Friend,