The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday — Well, That’s About It —Friday, May 6, 2022

Outside of all the bending, stooping, picking up, laying down, walking, walking, walking, shoveling.

There is always and forever the delight in being out on the ditch bank watching the seeds pop up out of the ground, growing straight and tall.

There is so much happiness in being a farmer, and a protector of the land and the water.

And having a wonderful, furry kitty.  Kitties are an important part of this farm.

There are so many things kitties do: we hang out with our people when they are stressed and just need to hear a purring voice,

we follow along as they work in the farmyard, keeping a silent, watchful eye on all they do,

we keep monster mice away from the house, the feed, the chicken pen, and everything on the farm,

we warm beds in the night, (sleeping RIGHT BETWEEN our people!), and lick them in the face when it’s time to get up in the morning.

(Meow—it’s hot!)


Kitties are very, very important!

Thanks for coming along.  We, (Mom, Dad, and I) appreciate your stopping by and reading.

TLC Cai-Cai


Joy Building on Joy and on Joy Again — Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Yesterday afternoon,

after a long-long time of pushing and shoving and straining and struggling

The little corn seeds popped out  of the ground

All new-born

Filling the land with a strong sense of purpose and the kindly spirit of the corn.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Spring Storm —- Sunday, May 6, 2018

Friday night, as the sun broke through the gathering clouds, sending dancing shadows upon the land, and the day was just coming into dusk

There in the little mist created from raindrops and sunlight

I  SAW a RAINBOW!  My first since winter.  A low to ground rainbow hitting the earth like a multi-colored veil…all silent, yet wondrous!

“God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us can see the possibility of hope.”–Maya Angelou

Saturday and today are warm and lovely!  Spring is in full swing! Finally!

From my world to your heart,




Stopped–Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sun-11Although, you can not tell it from this photo.  It’s wet here again today.  Very wet.  So wet I can’t work in my yard, nor can Terry continue the planting process.

ALTHOUGH the corn is in the ground!  Why just having the corn in the ground is a good thing; it isn’t everything to making it grow.  First and foremost the soil needs to be warm, it also needs to be wet, but not sopping wet; too cold will keep the seed from sprouting.  Too wet and cold the seed could rot. (Of course just these two things produce worries that wake my farmer way in the middle of the night and cause sleeplessness to appear.)

Then the pain about our type of soil…if it drys out too fast it will turn hard–too hard and the seed can’t push it’s way through the crust on the top.  The top needs to be broken up and smoothed off to help the seedling along…it’s too wet to get the tractor and the Mormon Creaser in to smooth off the top of the furrow…another nighttime worry.

cropped-bow-and-arrows-rain.gifBUT! There is hope.  The weather people say this afternoon should see some wind.  Wind will be a good thing right now…it will open the skies so the sun can come through and it will start to dry out the ground.

The weather people also say we will see scattered sunshine mixed into the clouds.  Sunshine in small doses will also help—-sudden, searing, hot sun will bake the soil quickly and dry it out way too fast, causing cracks to develop and the soil to turn into clods.  Gradual is best.

So we wait.

I got most of my yard weeded, but those weeds, which are still growing,  will probably reach my hips by the time I get back out there.  At least there isn’t as many as there was a couple of days ago, so progress is being made.  That fact alone makes me do a happy dance.

It’s way too bad we can’t share all this wet with California and other areas of drought.  But I guess, we can’t so we trudge along and thank our blessings one by one.  Gradually it will all work out.

Your friend,


Heartfelt Thanks—-May 6, 2014

My heart and soul is extremely humbled and ever so grateful for all the wonderful, kind, understand and encouraging thoughts over my last post.


Each of you have brought tears to my eyes because of your strength, love and understanding. Each of you have given me even more hope and determination to keep the strength and love of our families as the fore-front of these new far reaching lives!

You are truly my friend as I hope I am yours!