Firewood—- Sunday, December 27, 2020

We had help

Creating firewood

Our granddaughter, Linkin, and our youngest daughter, Linkin’s Mom, Misty.

They helped us split

and stack

Making short work of a huge load.


(I’ll bet you are wondering, if and when we are ever going to get done with the semi-load of firewood.

We are wondering the same thing 🙂  )

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Middle of Summer

Summer is half-over!!! That’s what Mom told Fuzzy and I as we laid panting and panting under the car last night!

“Hang on, Boy! The heat will break-up soon as we get closer to the middle of July! Then, hopefully, we should have rain!”

“NO!” shouted Fuzzy and jumped up and moved under the pick-up.

“WHY NOT!” I yelled at him as he hobbled away!

“THUNDER IS COMING!!! We never have rain in the summer WITHOUT thunder!” shudder, shudder!

“Gosh, Fuzz, a little thunder never hurt anyone.” I said to him in a puzzled voice.

Dad finished up the last cultivation of the year…the pinto beans are starting to shoot feelers. Once the feelers grow the rows shut then the pinto bean plants will start setting seeds.

Until then…we go with Mom to cut the volunteer corn out of the field. This corn is from seeds dropped last year as Dad harvested, they start growing and will make a mess at pinto bean harvest.

Not from being too big to go through the combine but because the pinto beans and the corn kernels are close to the same size. You can’t have corn in the pinto bean at the beanery because you can’t clean them out. Same thing for Cockle burs!

So we head up with Mom as she cuts cockle burs and corn. Every night, just about sunset we ‘weed’ several rows…the cockle burs she throws away, but the CORN! The corn gets to go into a pile and go with us to feed the GOATS!!!


Fuzzy usually stays on the four-wheeler waiting for Mom. Or he lays in the shade by the four-wheeler.

Now ME!!!

I jump off the second the key turns off and head out for news. I have to really keep an eye on Mom while I do this because she will LEAVE ME!

Oh, yes, I know she will call and call and if I don’t get there in time she goes.

I’ve missed getting to go to Misty’s a couple of times (that is where the goats live).  Since I’m not sure where Mom really went I have to run home and wait for her.


I really do like ‘going’ so I pretty much try (I really do try-honest I do) to keep an eye out or an ear up so I’m not LEFT BEHIND!

Oh, I just about forgot — the corn is starting to shoot tassels!

I guess Mom is right…we ARE in the middle of summer!