The World is Not Black and White—-Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It isn’t even shades of gray

It’s full of color and beauty and a whole list of wonderous growing things

It’s full of those small things.  Things that are made up of seconds, even moments, filling time until minutes accrue

Each second heaping onto one another; riding piggy-back until it becomes a whole day

And that whole day becomes your life.

Gradually the day winds down and the night comes on

The distant sun shrouded in clouds and smoke.  The last burst of color fills our eyes as the day cools and the sun sinks into the west.

Reminding us to give Thanks for the gift of one more day!

From my world to your heart,



Sunday, January 20, 2013

We are having our January thaw.  Sure is nice.  After last week’s -21*f and a slight warm up to -18*f at night…..this weather is outstanding!


The temperatures at 2 in the afternoon.

If the weather man is right it will be here for at least the rest of this week.  I’m not going to hold my breath that it stays since this is, after all January.  Our worst month for horrible cold is always February.  Thank Heavens it is a short month….one/two days less than all the other months, but it does count.


By 4 o’clock in the evening

Usually we can start farming the middle of March.  We will have to see this year.


The Uncompahgre Water Users are staying the Taylor Reservoir is 60% of it’s normal capacity.  February and March can be our snowiest months….fingers crossed this holds true this year.


So saying, Terry is NOT going to plant pinto beans this year…maybe next year if the water conditions improve. But probably never again in his lifetime, he is saying…we will see.


Oh, yes…that reminds me….Terry has decided to farm one more year (are any of us surprised?!?!)  The reduction in bean acreage will take off some pressure…it isn’t the growing of them, but the harvest of the beans that is so hard.


Anyway, enough our pondering on farming.


The 4 O’clock evening sun was delightful….I had to take many photos, hope you enjoy!