In a Small Fragment of Eternity—Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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Over the weekend, we drove to visit Terry’s cousin in Eaton, Colorado;  and to go to Joes, Colorado to see where Terry’s Mother’s Biological parents came from.

What an amazing time we had.  Jackie and Kent grew up in Joes, so they knew lots of people, how to get around, where the Cemetery was, and who all lived here or there or somewhere else on the prairie.

Jackie and I are fascinated with genealogy, and therefore Cemeteries; the Kirk Cemetery is where the family members now reside.

Family! It’s what makes life special.

What a delightful time we had!

From my heart to your world,



Stepping Back in Time—-Monday, June 13, 2016

Zack, Blade’s first cousin on his Dad’s side (their dad’s are brothers), is also spending the week with us!

First-CousinsYesterday Terry and I took the boys to Ouray, Colorado, to go swimming.   This morning they were up bright and early to go to open weightlifting at Delta High School, after which they are putting together a pool party for the Rec Center this afternoon.

They are both fourteen, so I have picked up and dusted off my ‘drive the kids here and there’ skills.  It’s diverging from my daily routine, but I love it.

Our house smells like pizza, hot pockets, and other teenager food…the sounds of potato chips crunching and pop corn popping.  Surprisingly they are not pop drinkers.  Water only. (Sugar is not good for athletes, I hear.  🙂  )

Tomorrow they will (again) head to open weightlifting and then I’m sure there will be other plans for the afternoon.

Some evening Terry and I will challenge them to a Miniature Golf game or two.  In-between all of this, Terry always likes to compete with them in a game of dominos.

Of course, there is always their IPads to fill in any down time.  For Terry and I , there are short little cat naps.

Your friend with a house full of laughter!


For the Week—Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Craig, Colorado kids all went home…without two of the grandchildren 🙂   Blade wanted to stay with Aunt Shannon (part-time) and with his cousin on his Dad’s side some/most of the time.  Blade and Zack are very close cousins and friends so spending time with each other is very special to both of them.  Blade will also spend time with us…at 13 you just have so much you want to do, with so little time to do it.

UpTally is staying with us.  I will call a little friend she liked to play with sometime today and arrange a play date, but mostly it will be Tally, Grandpa and I.  We will got see Aunt Shannon and Jason and the dogs and cats, but that will be just to visit.

SwingLinkin and her best friend will be spending the whole week at Craig, no brother or sister to interrupt their very serious best-friend-forever time.  Then next weekend we will switch and Linkin will spend the week with us. (I’m sure Elly will be here and Linkin will be at her house off and on.)

RoundOn our way to get some guinea pig food (Blade’s pig is staying with us also 🙂 ) Grandpa and Tally wanted to play at one of the parks on the way home.    There was a little girl already playing there, which added to the fun.  (Who do you think had the most fun?

1 Tally ?

2. New Friend ?

3 Grandpa ?

If you guess Grandpa…YOU WIN!!!  Just look at that smiles— they say it all.

I’m so far behind on commenting, but please know that I am reading them. I am also reading your blogs.  I am also a tad stretched at the moment, but I hope to get into a routine soon.

Your friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Whew!

One set of company has gone home.  Zooker and Bella are now home with their Dad and their soon-to-be new Mom and TWO CATS!!!!!


Teehee Bahhahahah laugh chuckle


Fuzzy and I took them for many walks daily for about a week!

Now Hank is staying with us while his Dad goes to work and the little kids and Mom-mom stay with our Mom and Dad until their Mom-mom gets to feeling better. She is really sick so we are helping out.

The other dog cousins (Houston, Chaco, and Balou) have company also, so those companies are also staying with Fuzzy and I and our Mom and Dad.  They have some really cute kids we love playing with.  Then Sunday our other first cousins…our Mom’s Brother and his wife and their two fun dogs…Cocoa and Butter are coming to play with us.


The hummingbirds are THICK…all of the little kids like to stand in the flower beds trying to get the hummingbirds to land on them.  The birds don’t land, but the kids seem to have heaps of fun trying to get them too.


Fuzzy says that is the longest he ever sees those kids stand still!


We had a very exciting ‘tree event’ right smack in the middle of all this, but I will let Mom tell you about it later.


Anyway, for now…just know that we are taking care of lots of pets and kids and our Mom is taking care of our sister Misty and other really nice people who are visiting.


Your wore-out friend,