The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-On the Moooooooooove

Seems like everything is moving along.


Mom, Dad and I go every day…EVERY DAY…to check on the cows, count babies, and make sure the Moms are okay.  It’s not our job, but one we like to do for the cowboy and his daughter.


They come every morning.  They also live a couple of miles from us so they drive by lots during the day.


Dad says we have lots of little nooks and crannies for cows to hide in so a quick check by us is a good thing.  Mr. Davis knows if there is cow trouble Dad will give him a call. Mom thinks this whole checking things is a good thing.  So off we go.

Which I LOVE!


Then yesterday we took a ride onto the Uncompahgre Plateau to check out the snow up there.  And to go for a snow machine ride!  It was cold but FUN!  Also, the snow is starting to melt, so we had to drive a long ways to get to good snow.


Sammy and


Mindy Min-Min Lou are always on the move looking for mice and who knows what else.


Mom and I go for walks at night!  It’s always a fast walk


…a good clip down the lane and back.  Sometimes Sammy and Min-Min go with us.


Then there is the forever gathering of firewood.  Mom and I gather daily, although it’s been so warm Mom hasn’t built a fire in two days.  They say it’s supposed to change come tonight…rains coming in.


Then there are the cows from here and there and everywhere changing pastures.


We see lots of strings of cows moving past our farm.  I always give them a good baying.  (Really it’s not for the cows but those cow DOGS that I give them a good hollering!)


Well, it’s off now to do some moving of my own.  There is always interesting smells to check out!

See ya!




The Poetry of Life–Thursday, August 14, 2014

We received a call from our daughter in Grand Junction, Colorado and her husband asking if we would like a small break to go on a Four-Wheeler ride on Grand Mesa. (Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world)

Would we!!!?

Packing a lunch, our jackets, and my camera (of course 🙂 ) we were ready to go.

It wasn’t long before they arrived pulling a trailer which would fit three four-wheelers and the extra four-wheeler in the back of his pick-up truck!

WHEEE!  We were off!

Up-1Grand Mesa is a special place to me.  My brother and I grew up in Eckert, Colorado. Close to the base of Grand Mesa.  Many a time our parents and grandparents would ”head up the mountain’ for a day, or a couple of days and nights, or more.

PathSummers always included times on Grand Mesa.

OnwardToday there are many, many more people on this huge flat top mountain than when we were growing up.  But having more people enjoying ‘the mesa’ brings with it other things than just crowds.  It brings groups of people who band together to create trails for backwoods enthusiasts; off road vehicles, hikers, and fishermen. The winter has cross-country skiers and snow machiners testing their skills.

Rezacks(Cliff and Kimberly Rezak)

We ate lunch at Trickle Park Reservoir, after which we headed back to every day life.


My goofy husband!

Joy can be sparked by the most simple of delights, don’t you agree?

A day off from the ‘every day of life’ is just so —- well, refreshing.  Life isn’t about mastering everything in it…Life is an adventure.  Some days you just have to experience something vastly different from the ordinary, for the ordinary to be more than just idling along.

Here is my wish for you today—I wish that each one of you can experience that feeling of the wind in your hair, music blasting on the radio, you singing along at the top of your voice–not caring if you are in tune —just feeling the music, the wind and the simple delight of being alive!

Or anything that is slightly different for your regular day.  Something that lifts you right into that other place of refreshment and a feeling of great pleasure and happiness!

Your friend,